The Ticker, Week 1: The stock market of baseball – Fake Teams

Baseball players are subject to all sorts of vagaries in performance and value. How does it look less than a week in?I went to the NCAA title game Monday in Indianapolis, which was great, except for the fact that I’m a UK fan who got my tickets when everything was all-“40-0,” all the time, and instead I had to watch […]

Stock Trading: Rookie Edition | Dynasty League Football

Rookie hype is very dangerous and it happens every season. Some owners give up way too soon on rookies and allow for great buy lows. Other times, people view prospects as the second coming of Hall of Fame players and would never sell them off. I’m going to give you my stock trader opinion on a bunch of rookies from this […]

2015 Stock Market Report: Danny Santana – Twinkie Town

Danny Santana has had a rip-roaring debut season. How does that translate into a role in 2015?For a game that can almost wholly be broken down into component parts via statistics you may not know exist, it’s difficult to quantify just how much Danny Santana has meant to the Twins this year. Sure, we can say “he’s been worth 1.9 […]

Enhance your stock market intelligence by simulation trading …

A stock market simulator is a programming application that endeavors to replicate all/some of the features of the stock market on a game. This was an effort developed towards the trading enthusiasts to practice and master the art of stock trading, without the need for spending even a single penny.How do you play this stock market game?For people enthusiastic about […]

Big Data and Baseball Efficiency: the Traveling Salesman had …

The MLB draft is coming up and with any luck I’ll get this posted by Thursday and take advantage of web traffic. I can hope! (ed. note: nope) Anyway, Tuesday on FanGraphs I read a fascinating portrayal of the draft process, laying out the nuts and bolts of how organizations scout for the draft. The piece, written by Tony Blengino (whose essays are rapidly […]

Former Special Ops Innovators Launch Big Data Startup | ARLnow …

Editor’s Note: Sponsored by Monday Properties and written by ARLnow.com, Startup Monday is a weekly column that profiles Arlington-based startups and their founders. The Ground Floor, Monday’s office space for young companies in Rosslyn, is now open. The Metro-accessible space features a 5,000-square-foot common area that includes a kitchen, lounge area, collaborative meeting spaces, and a stage for formal presentations.When launching a service-based technology startup, it helps […]

Stock Market: Shrewd Bet Or Stupid Gamble? [SPDR S&P 500 ETF …

Trillions of dollars have been lost and gained over the last five years. The extreme volatility strangled investment portfolios, and as a result, millions of investors capitulated by throwing in the towel and locking in losses. Melted 401ks, shrunken IRAs, and beat-up retirement accounts bruised the overarching psyche of Americans to the point they questioned whether the stock market is […]

What Is Twitter Worth – Business Insider

Bloomberg TVKatie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter’s head of international.Twitter’s IPO is ready to price, and, predictably, many pundits are going on about how stupid investors are to buy the stock.
Twitter is losing money, these pundits observe.It’s a social network, like the disastrous Facebook.Twitter hasn’t proven anything yet.Twitter investors are so deluded and ridiculous, these pundits roar, that they’ve already agreed to […]