Scott Adams Blog: Of Course the Stock Market is Rigged 01/24/2014

As I watch the stock markets melt down this week, I think back to my earlier post in which I made the case that manipulation in any field will always occur when you have these conditions:1. Huge potential profit2. Small chance of getting caught3. Easy to do I’ll add a fourth element today: […]

EURCAD Pulls Back, Giving Another Opportunity for Those Who …

Learn to trade by following my own personal trading blog.I missed this trade the first time around — it left before filling my entry order — but now that we’ve had a pullback, I think another good setup has appeared. The chart below illustrates the entry, stop, and target profit I’m looking at; it provides nearly 4:1 reward/risk.

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How To Trade Stocks Online: Successful Trading Process

For seasoned day traders, trading stocks online may seem second
nature, but for others, buying and selling stocks online is like venturing into
parts unknown. The widespread emergence of online trading, brokerages, and
dynamic stock trading software tools tremendously simplifies the online stock
trading process, but this has also led to certain complexities and liabilities
for professional or recreational home investors. Here are some basic […]

Learn How To Trade Penny Stocks – Stock Market Watch

Learn How To Trade Penny StocksSunday, November 24, 2013 10:39 AMOne question that we seem to get asked most frequently is can you teach me how to trade penny stocks and become a profitable penny stock trader.

We have dug through a few reputable sites and we found a great premium service where you can learn how to trade penny stocks.

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The Bull And Bear Cases, And The Next Key Stock Market Levels To …

Before I get into the charts, the first thing I have to point out is that today is 11/12/13 — which means we only get to do this one more time (on 12/13/14), then the fun is over and it’s back to work for all of us for the next 86 years.In Friday’s update, I noted the charts suggested that […]