See Ya Later Techies: Atlas Venture Goes It Alone, Scoops Up $280M for Biotech

Atlas Venture went through a corporate divorce last fall, as its tech partners and biotech partners went their separate ways. Now the biotech team has moved on, and re-loaded with twice the money they’ve had in the past.The Cambridge, Mass.-based firm, founded back in 1980, is announcing today it has closed on a new $280 million fund, its tenth, to […]

George Soros Is Dumping These 3 Dividend Stocks: Should You?

The stock market has been racing higher at nearly unprecedented levels in recent years. Even so, the healthcare sector in general, and biopharma stocks in particular, have still managed to crush the broader markets over the last few years. Since 2012, for instance, the iShares Nasdaq Biotech Index has more than tripled the returns of the closely watched S&P 500:Perhaps […]

How AT&T Uses Big Data to Shape its TV Creative | CMO Strategy …

AT&T’s ‘Lilly’
“It’s Not Complicated” may have been its name, but the insights that drove one of AT&T’s most successful ad campaigns ever were based on a massive three-year big-data project that was plenty complex.The campaign featuring comedian Beck Bennett and little kids in a classroom was the product of a three-year project. It involved an analysis of 40 […]