At Least the Federal Reserve Can Help Those Playing the Stock …

At Least the Federal Reserve Can Help Those Playing the Stock Market
Otherwise, evidence for positive outcome from quantitative easing slim, says study from Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
Brian Doherty|Aug. 18, 2015 11:56 pm


Stephen D. Williamson of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis last month issued a study  called “Current Federal Reserve Policy Under the Lens of Economic History: A […]

4 Proven Methods For Getting Rich In The Stock Market | Benzinga

This piece contains the opinions of deep value investor Tim Melvin that do not reflect the opinions of Benzinga.com.I have always been a student of the markets. Since my first disastrous experience as a broker with a Dean Witter ‘stock of the day,’ I figured out pretty quick that I better spend time researching stock picks as the firms didn’t […]

The Stock Market Bubble – February 2015 Update

This post is an update to various past posts concerning the stock market bubble, most recently that of November 21, 2013 titled “Is The Stock Market Experiencing A Bubble?”Many people don’t believe that we are currently experiencing a stock market bubble because their primary reference regarding stock market bubbles is that of the mid- to late-1990s, in which there was […]

10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads:
• The Best Thing for Active Managers? Passive Investors. — As institutions slash active mandates, managers on both sides of the active versus passive argument rejoice. (Chief Investment Officer)• The Reformed Broker talks markets and investing (Vanguard)•  The State of Consumer Technology at the End of 2014 (Stratechery)• What Life in Cuba Was Like After Castro’s Revolution (New Republic)• D.H. Robertson […]


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The return of market volatility sent the S&P 500 to a low of 1,820 last Wednesday, down 9.8% from its September 19 all-time high of 2,019.There certainly hasn’t been a shortage of concerns. The global economy has been slowing, commodity prices have been plunging, geopolitical tensions have been high, and the Ebola virus has been spreading. And all this […]

Stock Market News for June 27, 2014 – Zacks Investment Research

Benchmarks ended Thursday’s trading session in the red following St. Louis Fed president James Bullard’s comments on a rate-hike. Bullard expects the key interest rate hike to take place sooner than anticipated. The blue-chip index had dropped as much as 119 points, before trimming losses in the post noon session. Economic data on personal consumption expenditure was weaker-than-expected. However, personal […]

Last Time Corporate America Did This, The Stock Market Crashed …

Wolf Richter www.testosteronepit.com www.amazon.com/author/wolfrichterThe S&P 500 stock index bumbles to new highs no matter what. But it has been a slog: serial GDP downward revisions forward and backward, unceremonious abandonment of “escape velocity” for the fifth year in a row, wars or civil wars in Ukraine and Iraq with consequences for gas supplies to Europe and […]

Stock Market When Fed Is Tightening – Business Insider

Library of CongressStock brokers working at the New York Stock Exchange in 1963One of the big challenges of investing these days is to avoid missing the forest for the trees.
We are now barraged with so much daily market and economic information, at such a high decibel level, that it’s easy to miss broader cyclical changes that occur over months and […]

Testosterone Pit – Home – The Risk of Stock-Market Vertigo

What can possibly go wrong with stocks these days? Consumer confidence in March leaped to the highest level since January 2008, just before the financial crisis annihilated it. Institutional investors’ risk appetite, as measured by State Street’s confidence index, backed off only a smidgen in March to the second highest level in the data series going back to 2005, down […]

Why Big Data Isn't the Big Problem for Genomic Medicine

Buzzwords, like a virus, spread inexorably from discipline to discipline. Take “big data,” which originated in supercomputing and now has infected finance, logistics, advertising and commerce, intelligence and defense and, most recently, life science and health care. Is there some rule requiring every presentation on genomics to include a slide comparing sequencing costs to Moore’s Law, followed by slides lamenting […]