Cramer's heated love affair with biotech

In a market that is infused with headwinds coming from China, Russia and Europe, there is always one group that Jim Cramer can count on: Biotech.In fact, Cramer has been in a heated love affair with biotech for more than 30 years. While you don’t get a rally from them every day, he thinks they are more reliable than any […]

Thursday's Technical Analysis: US Coffee | Live Trading News

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Shanky's Technical Analysis and Market Commentary: Open …

Shanky’s Technical Analysis and Market Commentary: Open Weekend Post 01/11-12/14 SPX /ES

Open Weekend Post 01/11-12/14 SPX /ES
You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge. I’ll be updating some charts thanks to RC digging into the chartbook deeper than anyone is really supposed to. I’ll be doing some spring cleaning in there as well so some things […]

BreakingTT: Trading suspended on OCZ stock, price frozen at $0.63 …

Today it appears that the ongoing saga of OCZ’s roller coaster ride on the stock market has finally came to an end. Earlier this morning, weeks of ups and downs in the company’s share price as well as rumors of massive financial troubles finally came to a head when trading was halted on the SSD manufactures stock.
Trading was suspended […]