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You Don’t Know Where the Stock Market is Heading!Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 02, 2015 – 09:20 PM GMTBy: Bob_LoukasI’ve been of two minds recently regarding the current Cycle picture in equities. So this week I focused more attention on finding secondary evidence to support a more definitive position ondirection. As I suspected it might, my research provided an almost […]

Rayno Biopharma Stocks at ASCO: ARRY, CLVS, RXDX

Biotech Indices Can’t Break Through Triple Top
IBB at $365, XBI at $239
Red and green day
Biotech stocks were mixed today with the major indices holding the flat line. However with all of the clinical data coming out of ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) 2015 in Chicago, IL many “immuno-oncology” stocks were movers.
First look at Rayno Biopharmaceutical Portfolio stocks:
Our big mover […]

China's explosive stock market looks more and more like a bubble …

REUTERS/StringerPupils creating the Chinese flag on a canvas by using their hands dipped in red paint at a primary school in Jinan, Shandong province, in 2009.Foreign cash is streaming into China’s stocks even as the market shows signs of extreme volatility — while analysts pile on to warn that Shanghai equities are in a bubble.Here’s the Financial Times on Friday […]

Chinese Housewives Displeased After Biggest Stock Market Drop In 2 Years

For the 4th day in a row, China opened with a dip last night, but this time it was different. A half-hearted BTFD-effort was met with major selling pressure. Between real-estate developer Kaisa’s failed bailout and yet another entity defaulting (Zhuhai Zhongfu stock plummetted) it appears the 8% rip of the last few days in the Shenzhen Composite was just […]

Cracks in China's stock market wall « Bankrate, Inc.


The stock market in Shanghai has been on a tear in recent months, but it took a hard tumble on Thursday. The Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.5 percent in one day as over-leveraged investors fled the feverish market conditions, the Wall Street Journal reported. The index is up about 134 percent over one year ago.Does the Chinese stock market have […]

The Stock Market – A Picture Of Excess | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via,More Ominous ChartsWe have decided to expand a bit on our recent post about “ominous charts” and show a few more charts that should at least give one pause. We hasten to add that none of them should be seen as timing indicators. It must be stressed that we continue to be in unprecedented situation, […]

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Stock Market Right Back Up…Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015May 28, 2015 – 06:21 AM GMTBy: Jack_SteimanWhen dealing with the stock market of the past five to six months there is a theme to be understood. Never judge one day’s action as if that’s the new trend to come. We have seen so many big days both to the up side […]

One year of Narendra Modi Government: Ambanis down in stock …

Mumbai, May 25: As the Modi government completed its first year today, the stock market wealth has grown by over Rs 10 lakh crore in this period with conglomerates like Tatas, Adani, Bharti, HDFC and Sun Groups clocking huge gains. At the same time, the two Ambani groups, Vedanta, ITC and L&T groups have witnessed erosion in their respective market valuations during […]

For Today’s Investors: Ignorance Is Not Bliss – It Is Oblivion

Submitted by Tim Price via The Cobden Centre,

“We’re not gonna make it, are we ? People, I mean.”
“It is in your nature to destroy yourselves.”
“Yeah. Major drag, huh ?”
From James Cameron’s ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’.
Here is a thought experiment. It is January 2000. The last wild Pyrenean ibex has been found dead, squashed by a tree. America Online has just […]

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Choppy Asian Stock MarketsStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015May 20, 2015 – 09:18 PM GMTBy: Tony_CaldaroWe track eight country indices in the Asian group. Generally they all bottomed around 2008/2009, surged higher into 2010/2011, corrected, and then most turned quite choppy. A few in the group emerged out of the choppiness and actually started impulsing after beginning EQE or a change […]