Biotech Stocks: Safe vs Sexy – Stocks to Watch –

By Johanna BennettDo you want safe, or sexy?That’s the question facing biotechnology investors, according to a recent research note from Cowen analysts that previews the sector’s second-quarter financial results.“In heady times, large cap provides a safe haven, smid caps the sex appeal,” reads the note.After shrugging off a selloff in late June, the Nasdaq Biotechnology index has gained 30% since […]

Interpreting information in China's stock markets | Michael Pettis …

Anyone who reads my blog is already likely to know the story. Until the market peaked on June 12, with the Shanghai Composite at 5,178, China had experienced a stock market boom that saw the Shanghai index rising in what seemed like a straight line by more than 135% in one year. The boom seemed almost inexplicable from a fundamental […]

A European Biotech Stock Basket For 2015 – An Update | Seeking …

SummaryAs an update from my previous article, I am reviewing some European biotech picks and introducing new favorites.
Owing to strong fundamentals and an increasing number of significant deals in the sector, a technologically diversified, European biotech portfolio makes more sense now than ever.
The main investment thesis remains that leading small-cap European biotechs are reaching maturity and present a great value […]

The Bank of Canada Stumped?

Barrie McKenna of the Globe and Mail reports, Bank of Canada cuts key rate as economy contracts, exports stall:
Stephen Poloz is refusing to call it a recession, but the Bank of Canada Governor says the country needs another jolt of interest rate relief as the economy shrinks and exports stall.The central bank lowered its trend-setting overnight rate a quarter percentage […]

Why China's stock market bubble was always bound to burst | Orville …

Over the past few weeks, punters in China underwent a near-death experience when their country’s two stock exchanges entered freefall. The rapidly inflating bubble that had driven share prices to dizzying heights had suddenly burst. By this spring, the stock markets in Shanghai, with 831 listed companies, and Shenzhen, with 1,700, boasted a combined market capitalisation of $9.5tn, which made […]

3 charts that explain China's stock market fall – Business Insider

The sheer size and importance of China’s equity markets cannot be overstated. Second in size only to the New York Stock Exchange, the combined value of the Asian country’s stock markets is $14 trillion and change. Or at least it was, before they fell 30 percent, wiping away nearly $2 trillion in value. To put this in perspective, the gross […]

China Real Estate Investment NYC | Chinese Stock Market

How China’s stock chaos could affect New York real estateSizing up the dominoes connecting Shanghai to the Big AppleJuly 10, 2015 06:00PMBy Konrad PutzierThis week’s headline-grabbing turmoil in China’s stock markets left New York’s real estate industry wondering how it could impact the market here. According to those who follow China closely, there are two […]

Manic to Panic: Social Mood Will Open Limit Down

This hollow illusion propagated solely by the fakest of people throwing everything away, is fraying around the riots.All that’s left of this con job is the instant when the herd of dumbfucks realizes they’re just a herd of dumbfucks. Led by much bigger dumbfucks…Value line Geometric w/failed manic overthrow:The real economy is missing in action, which leaves just momentum – […]

China car sales drop as stock market plunges – Autoblog

China is taking a one-two punch to the gut as the nation’s previously high-flying economy begins to weaken. First, the stock market there is suddenly collapsing after a major boom. Then just as things are looking bad, the auto industry posted its first sales drop in over two years.According to Bloomberg, citing figures from the China Passenger Car Association, vehicles […]

China has destroyed its stock market in order to … – Business Insider

Thomson ReutersInvestors looking at computer screens showing stock information at a brokerage house in Shanghai.See AlsoFBI chief wants ‘backdoor access’ to encrypted communications to fight ISISRussia woos China before BRICS summitChina’s market crash is reversing the most important thing the government has been trying to do in decadesChina has announced a blanket ban on major shareholder selling for the next […]