National consortium to lead North Carolina in big data innovation …

Chapel Hill, NC – A new collaboration called the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS) aims to make North Carolina a national hub for data-intensive business and data science research and education, a move that will help develop a national strategy to ensure U.S. leadership in the data-driven global economy.The consortium, launched at RENCI, the Renaissance Computing Institute at the […]

Who Benefits from Sentiment Analysis? – Social Media Today

Considering the number of social media resources people can find on the internet, one can truly say that sentiment analysis has recently gone big. If you will try to put the search term sentiment analysis on Google Trends, you’ll see a vast growth from September 2006 up to the present. You’ll even see how Google forecasts the trend and still […]

Impact of Big Data in the Healthcare Sector | Opallios – Big Data …

The Big Players in Big DataThere is a good deal of buzz around Big Data—hardly a week goes by without a new startup or business preaching the virtues of mining massive tracts of information. Understandably, many have trouble seeing beyond the hype, but nowhere are the benefits of Big Data more tangible than in the healthcare sector.IBM predicts a 20% […]

3 Ways To Trade Biotechnology Stocks [Gilead Sciences, Inc …

As I wrote in a previous piece, biotechnology has been among the top performing sectors in the last twelve months. But how should investors trade the sectors from these levels?It depends on the risk tolerance of each investor. Conservative investors should stay with the larger well-established companies like Amgen (AMGN), Gilead Science (GILD), and Biogen (BIIB) with a portfolio of […]

Need Context With Social Sentiment? Talk To Customers

In a world full of signals from social media and its underlying sentiment, marketers are scrambling to find meaning. They may have pages of power point slides and charts that indicate sentiment and topics related to their brands, but often wonder:
*Are these people talking about my brand my actual customers or just random followers?
*What does the sentiment analysis […]