My Marketocracy Fund was up 23% in first half of 2015

2015 to date, has been good for my model fund. I am up 23% vs 0% for the S&P500 and vs 20% for the IBB biotech index.
My long-term performance also remains strong – I have turned 385% over the past 10 years vs 76% for the S&P500.I anticipate the second half of 2015 will also be good for my fund. […]

Afrezza’s Initial Sales Create Buying Opportunity

After a drug receives FDA approval, shareholders expect significant sales will soon follow. However, since obtaining an FDA approval does not remove all of the obstacles to sales, it is often the case that initial sales fall below expectations and the stock drops accordingly. Afrezza’s launch is about to give us just this kind of opportunity to buy MannKind.Buying high […]