What The Wall Street Journal Missed

If you’re nervous about investing in biotech stocks, you’re not alone.Biotech stocks can be scary. They are based on a lot of hope and promise, and they do appear to traditional investors to have gone too far too fast.In October 2013, The Wall Street Journal ran a story saying that biotech stocks might be too overpriced.Here’s the second paragraph of the […]

Fighting Wildfires with Big Data | Planetizen: The Urban Planning …

WIFIRE, a real-time and data-driven simulation, prediction, and visualization technology, combines satellite and remote sensor data to forecast the potential spread of wildfires.As InformationWeek reports, a team of researchers, technologists, and firefighters from the University of California at San Diego and the University of Maryland, with support from the National Science Foundation, have come together to create a far-reaching simulation, visualization, and […]

How Big Data Is Helping Snuff Out California's Wildfire Epidemic

California is currently in the grips of a major drought, one of the worst of this generation. The region’s lack of precipitation has not only hindered California’s agricultural industry, it’s also turned our forests into tinder. But researchers at the University of California San Diego have a potential solution: just wire up all the trees to the Internet of Things.Wildfires […]

Tragedy Survey: A Sentiment Analysis «DIS Magazine

Amanda ToddAmanda Todd confesses her cyber bullying struggle on Youtube prior to her suicideIllia writes:I watched Amanda Todd’s video… so sad. I hadn’t heard about this story but I’m well aware about the bullying campaigns that are going on around now. It’s bittersweet that people are becoming more aware of these issues. Teens and Young Adults are easily subjected to […]