(EXAS)/ New Trade (FOSL) for 8/12/2014 – Momentum Stock Options Profit Alert (EXAS)/ New Trade (FOSL) for 8/12/20143:00 p.m. (EST)Shares of Exact Sciences (EXAS, $17.37, up $0.28) have been slipping since this morning’s opening pop past $19.I took advantage of the short-term move to lock in massive half profits on the surge and set Stop Limits on the other halves to protect profits.While I was expecting shares to make […] Profit Alert (EXAS) for 8/12/2014 … Profit Alert (EXAS) for 8/12/20149:45 a.m. (EST)I have 2 trades that are up 147%. Let’s go ring the register!Subscribers, hit the Members Area right now to lock-in these juicy profits!Share this:

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Bulls Clear Resistance, Prior Support/ Profit Alert (MGM)/ New Trade … Mid-Market Update for 8/11/2014Bulls Clear Resistance, Prior Support/ Profit Alert (MGM)/ New Trade (YHOO)!!!1:35 p.m. (EST)Futures were higher throughout the night and ahead of Wall Street’s open which was a bullish sign following my weekend homework.  While it is too early to say if the early August weakness has come and gone, the bulls are taking a step in […]

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New New Trade (EXAS) for 8/8/201411:50 a.m. (EST)I’m adding a New Trade ahead of the midday Daily update as I am still working on it and watching the market action.  However, I do want to get this out as I like the current action in the stock.I may also have additional trades in another hour or so along with […]

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Profit Alert/ New 2 New Trades (MGM, WWE) for 8/6/201411:15 a.m. (EST)I have talked about short-term weakness coming into the month of August that could last into next week following last week’s technical damage.I have mentioned the Watch List is exploding with New Trade ideas and I am taking action on 2 favorites off my list.I still want to […] Weekly Wrap for 8/3/2014 … Weekly Wrap for 8/3/201411:30pm (EST)1.  Market Summary2. Weekly Wrap Portfolio Update 3.  Week Ahead(To view the charts, please log into the Members Area and go to the Weekly Wrap Premium section.)= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 1.  Market SummaryThe bulls went into July looking strong but left the month looking weak.  Of […]

New Trade (CVS)/ Profit Alert (RGC) – Momentum Options Trading Daily Update/ New Trade (CVS)/ Profit Alert (RGC) for 7/28/20143:10pm (EST)I have a New Trade for the Daily on a stock that is familiar to the portfolio. The options are trading for 45 cents and could double if shares make a move above $80 over the next month or so. I am also ringing the register on another double-digit […]

BlackBerry (BBRY) on Deck with Earnings/ 2 New Trades / Profit Alert Midday Update for 6/11/2014BlackBerry (BBRY) on Deck with Earnings/ 2 New Trades / Profit Alert !!!12:25pm (EST)The 1Q earnings season has been over but I have mentioned there are companies reporting into mid-to-late June worth watching.  The will be a serious continued slowdown leading into the July 4 holiday but the explosion of 2Q earnings will start to hit Wall […]

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At the Annual Members Meeting of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets, there was considerable discussion of the new competencies that were going to be required of U.S. manufacturing firms. This was not surprising, given the meeting’s focus on the most significant emerging challenges that businesses were likely to face. And, given the breadth of participants from industry […]

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Last analysis of Silver was invalidated with downwards movement below 19.595. Members of Elliott Wave Gold were aware of a new alternate for Gold, which also works for Silver. But I did not have time to update the Silver wave count.Downwards movement is incomplete.Click on the charts below to enlarge.Minor wave B is an almost complete zigzag, which is within […]