Online stock market accounts surging – PSE study – Rappler

Online accounts now comprise 27% of total stock market accounts from a mere 6% share in 2009Rappler.comPublished 12:30 AM, August 17, 2015Updated 12:55 PM, Aug 17, 2015YOUNGER CROWD. Along with with the trend towards online use, the PSE survey also found that the average investor age is getting younger with just over half of all stock market accounts held by […]

Buy Undervalued Stocks

Buy Undervalued Stocksby Jim Walker on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 | Comments Off on Buy Undervalued StocksThe stock market is overvalued and probably ready for a correction but there are still opportunities to buy undervalued stocks. An insightful article in InvestorsPlace suggests that IBM, Chevron and the shipping container company, Textaniner Group Holdings, are all undervalued stocks and set to […]

This Millionaire Stock Trader Makes More Money Being a 'Douche …

“All his marketing makes him look like a jerk,” says Jo-ann Skyes. She is, oddly enough, speaking about her son.His name: Timothy Sykes. At the ripe, young age of 33, he was the ostentatious self-made millionaire you may recall having seen on the reality TV show “Wall Street Warriors.” He was the only memorable character on the show — none of […]

Big Data Is Changing Insurance | SmartData Collective

If you’re a young, male driver, or you have one in your family, you are no doubt aware of the astronomical price of car insurance.This is obviously because drivers in this category are involved in a higher number of accidents, so it seems fair that they pay more to be on the road, right?But what about those young, male drivers […]

Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event July 2014 | The Brown Report …

Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event.Join stock trader and coach Jason Brown as he breaks down the art of chart reading and how to profit with options at the Microsoft Store inside of Somerset Mall in Troy, MI. Wednesday July 23, 2014 from 7pm – 9pmCategory:YouTube Video Analysis


Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event July 2014 | The Brown Report …

Crowdsourced investor sentiment – News & Commentary

US Companies with good social media sentiment have seen their shares outperform the rest of the market by 56% in the 23 months leading up to last November
The inverse holds true for companies which are subject to negative sentiment
As with anything in the social media world, the universe of shares subject to positive and negative sentiment varies rapidlyIn highlighting which […]