MIT CDOIQ promises strong overview of Big Data issues …

MIT CDOIQ promises strong overview of Big Data issues Bert Latamore | July 21stREAD MORETheCUBE this week goes to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the Chief Data Officer Information Quality (MDOIQ) conference Wednesday and Thursday, providing comprehensive coverage of the challenges of Big Data, from ensuring data quality to information governance. TheCUBE will webcast all the general sessions and Wikibon CEO […]

Enabling Expert Data Visualization Interfaces by Non-Visualization …

By Ted Benson, MIT CSAILAn important problem in the era of data-driven science and business is that skilled professionals like geneticists or economists cannot create and publish high-quality interactive data visualizations without technical assistance.  Even simple tasks, such as publishing a dataset for interactive browsing, often require knowledge of computer programming.The usability of creating and publishing high-quality data exploration interfaces […]

How 'dark pools' can help public stock markets –

A “dark pool” may sound like a mysterious water source or an untapped oil well. In reality, it’s a finance term: Dark pools are privately run stock markets that do not show participants’ orders to the public before trades happen. They are a growing presence in stock trading, now representing at least one-eighth, and possibly much more, of all stock […]

Open Big Data Computing with Julia | Intel Science & Technology …

By Jiahao Chen, MIT and the larger Julia communityWhilst the abstract question occupies your intellect, nature brings it in the concrete to be solved by your hands. — Ralph Waldo Emerson, Prospects, in Nature; Addresses and LecturesWhen I first learned about the Julia programming language at the beginning of 2012, I was skeptical about its ability to succeed. Writing a new programming language […]

Big Data for Health: Promises & Perils › From The Lab Bench – SciLogs

As described by Watched: A Wall Street Journal Privacy Report [1], big data is becoming ubiquitous, providing scientists, politicians and commercial entities alike data about us that we never thought they’d know. From the phones in our pockets to the trails we leave as we browse the web, our data provides information about our locations, our habits, our friends, our hobbies, […]