Stock markets unsettled by Greek debt deal uncertainty and cash …

A man pushes a music box outside of the headquarters of the National bank of Greece in Athens. Photograph: JOHN KOLESIDIS/REUTERS
European shares fell on Friday after Greek bank deposits slumped to a decade low, raising fears that the country is heading towards a disorderly exit from the eurozone.Following a warning on Thursday from Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary […]

STTG Market Recap May 12, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

It looked like it was going to be a very nasty day premarket but in the end losses were mild for U.S. indexes.  Still it remains time to be cautious as we have been for the past two weeks.  The S&P 500 fell 0.29% and the NASDAQ 0.35%.   The bond market continues to cause some issues as not only the […]

How Liquidity Drives The US Stock Market | Zero Hedge

Submitted by Frank Shostak via The Cobden Centre blog,In a market economy a major service that money provides is that of the medium of exchange. Producers exchange their goods for money and then exchange money for other goods.As production of goods and services increases this results in a greater demand for the services of the medium of exchange (the service […]

Greenspan: "The Stock Market Is Great", But The Economy Feels …

While conflicting economic data leaves hope for both buills and bears, Alan Greenspan warns that, unlike Yellen, “US economic growth is not strong.” He then slays another pillar – suggesting the exuberant job growth is anything but (as he focuses on weak productivity as he pinpoints entitlements as “crowding out capital investment” in America. The maestro then breaks the golden […]

Police report filed against suspicious trading of SMRT stocks | The …

By Terry XuLocal blogger and activist, Ravi Philemon has filed a police report to prompt an investigation into possible insider trading of SMRT stocks. In his report, he wrote,” I refer to the newspaper report “Transport Stocks up on talk of changes,” published in My Paper dated 21 May 2014. The report said that the land transport stocks powered ahead on Tuesday, 20 […]

Survey Says: Avoid the Stock Market – The Daily Reckoning

In honor of yet another all-time high in the S&P 500, I have a quick question for you…If you had a spare $1,000, where would you invest it?If your answer has anything to do with the stock market, you’re in the minority.Shocking, isn’t it?A Gallup poll posed this question in a survey in January — shortly after the previous all-time […]

Weekly Multi Market Technical Analysis – “Take Profits” 25th Feb14 …

Here the weekly multi market technical analysis from the award winning Swiss team.First up, although they see the likelihood of  a possible near term extension to 1885 on the sp500 they are in the “take profit” camp here in the near term across extended sectors and indexes like the Hangseng and Euro indexes.‘All eyes to the Shanghai’ which is showing […]