Comedy movies and risky stock trading – linked? – Improbable …

Comedy movies and risky stock trading – linked?Attention stock-market followers – have you considered whether weekend comedy-movie attendance, and investment in risky stock-market assets on the following Monday might be linked? This question has been the subject of an in-depth investigation by Gabriele M. Lepori, (formerly) Assistant Professor of Finance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (now at Keele Management School, […]

Biotech company Ocular Therapeutix is imploding after announcing disappointing trial results (OCUL)

REUTERS/China Daily
Shares of $875 million biotech company Ocular Therapeutix were down as much as 30% in after hours trade on Monday after the company reported clinical trial results that disappointed. The company announced Monday that topline data for its lead drug candidate, a treatment for ocular inflammation following cataract surgery, met one of its two primary endpoints. The company said both endpoints needed […]

Bitcoin Trading : BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 29th June 2014 …

Analysis provided by Ashton Fraser, learn more about his trading strategies at the Lasers forex forum. As another week comes to a close, Bitcoin has returned back to the levels it reached at the end of last week, as the support we spoke about has stayed firm. During midweek, I posted the following BTC/USD Weekly chart: Where I […]

In World Cup, to victor go the stock market spoils –

Read MoreWill China or India ever lift the World Cup? While it may sound like just one of those silly coincidences, like cycles of the moon or the ever-popular hemline indicator, the World Cup connection has been remarkably consistent when comparing individual country stock market movement with the MSCI World Index. Since 1974, all […]

Stock Market Forecast – Business Insider

Library of CongressI have recently expressed a cautious view of the stock market.
Specifically, I’ve said I think the odds of a sharp decline (“crash”) are increasing. And I think the odds are very good that stocks will provide lousy returns from this level over the next 7-10 years.Well, most people are bullish about the stock market these days (because the […]

Gold and Silver Sentiments Violently Diverged in 2013 | Zero Hedge

by Keith WeinerThere are two reasons why people buy gold and silver. The first is that they’re the monetary metals. Many people don’t want more than a certain exposure to the risks of the banking system. They hold dollars for liquidity and beyond that exchange them for metallic money. This money is not for trading.The second is to trade or, […]