My Answer To How Do You Find Stock Opportunities

The way I do research has been the area that has changed and evolved the most since starting to invest.  I used to put together detailed stock screeners on places like – Stock Screener.  And look for companies that had good-looking ratios.  That was about it.I looked for things like a high current ratio, high margins, growing revenues, high […]

Stock Market Outlook: Proceed With Caution – Morningstar

About the AuthorMatt Coffina, CFA, is editor of Morningstar® StockInvestorSM.Contact Author | Meet other investing specialistsInterest Rates: Gravity for Asset Prices
Investors always hang on the Federal Reserve’s every word, but the obsession with monetary policy is reaching new heights as we approach the first short-term rate hike in almost a decade. The target federal funds rate has been around zero […]

Nasdaq 5,000: The cure or curse for biotech stocks –

The Nasdaq composite remains heavily weighted toward technology, thanks to Apple’s record market valuation near $750 billion. But tech’s weighting is down sharply from the Nasdaq’s peak, while the financial, consumer services and health-care sectors have seen their weightings more than double within the composite. [See table below.]Health care’s weighting in the composite is now 16 percent, which is comparable […]

Weekend Review New Years Post

After neglecting my writing for some time the New Year is as good as any to begin the practice gain. Upon reviewing 2014 I’ve decided to drop a few things from my tool box while replacing them with some fresher ideas that I’ve been working on. The first wrench that I plan to use more frequently is using sectors through […]

Stock Market Outlook: Volatility Creates Pockets of Opportunity

Oil Price Crash Brings Pain, and Opportunity, for Energy InvestorsAs of this writing in mid-December, the S&P 500 is trading near all-time highs, but that figure understates the extent of recent volatility. Energy stocks are down by nearly 25% over the past three months, and there are now 37 energy companies carrying Morningstar’s 5-star rating. That’s compared with just 10 […]

CAPE-Related Concerns About The Stock Market … – Business Insider

Mark Lennihan/APFA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors.Why CAPE-Based Concerns About The Stock Market Miss The Point (The AllianceBernstein Blog)In a recent New York Times article titled “Time to Worry About Stock Market Bubbles,” Robert Shiller points out that based on his cyclically adjusted price earnings (CAPE) ratio, […]

Our Outlook for the Stock Market – Morningstar

Not a Time to Time the MarketAmerican business will do fine over time. And stocks will do well just as certainly, since their fate is tied to business performance. Periodic setbacks will occur, yes, but investors and managers are in a game that is heavily stacked in their favor. (The Dow Jones Industrials advanced from 66 to 11,497 in the […]

Will Individuals Ruin the Stock Market? – Morningstar

The author offers two arguments in support of the case. The first is mutual fund flows. Net inflows into U.S. stocks funds are stronger than at any time since 2004, at $76 billion for the year to date. This contrasts with $451 billion in net outflows over the previous seven years. The second argument is anecdotal. It consists of quotes from […]