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Understanding stock trading can be overwhelming giving the rapid growth of online trading sites and do it yourself resources. It may seem hard to understand but learning who to talk to and go to will help you.First, you need to make time every day to learn about stock trading. Whether you keep notes on the computer, in a notebook, or […]

Momentum, Value, and Short-Term Movement in the Stock Market

TraderFeed: Momentum, Value, and Short-Term Movement in the Stock Market

Momentum, Value, and Short-Term Movement in the Stock MarketAbove is a plot of an interesting measure that tracks the difference between short term and intermediate term new highs minus new lows for SPX stocks only. (Raw data from the Index Indicators site). When that difference is highly positive, it means that […]

Now anybody can use Robinhood, the no-fee trading app backed…

RobinhoodRobinhood is now available to the general public.
It’s sleek. It’s easy to use. It’s designed to give first time, small-scale investors a leg up on Wall Street hotshots.
And after months of waiting, it’s now open to anyone who wants to join.Robinhood, a zero-commission brokerage app for iPhone that launched in December to a 700,000-person waitlist, is now available to the […]

Stock Market Bubbles Don't Just Burst Suddenly – Business Insider

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When most people think back on the tech bubble and credit bubble, they probably remember the stock market going straight up, hitting an inflection point, and then plunging relentlessly.That’s hindsight, which doesn’t really capture the details.In reality, the stock price moves weren’t that simple and straightforward.When stock market bubbles come to a head, they make wild swings both up […]

SILVER Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – Charts Only | Lara Iriarte …

SILVER Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – Charts OnlyBy: Lara Iriarte | Thu, Jul 10, 2014SharePrintEmailMain Wave Count.Larger ImageLarger ImageAlternate Wave Count.The triangle is starting to look strange because the overshoot of the A-C trend line for minor wave E looks too big. Therefore, I have the alternate idea below.Larger ImageLarger ImageThe end of minor wave B, the ending diagonal of […]

FTSE Elliott Wave Technical Analysis by Lara – 4th July, 2014 …

Last analysis of FTSE was invalidated by downwards movement. I had expected to see a long extended fifth wave following a fourth wave barrier triangle, but the fifth wave was very brief and was over already.Click on charts to enlarge.The bigger picture sees FTSE in a huge correction for a super cycle wave (II).Super cycle wave (II) may be either […]

The Stock Market Is Up 10 of 12 Days Crossing Wall Street

The Stock Market Is Up 10 of 12 DaysThe stock market has risen for 10 of the last 12 trading days, and it’s up again this morning. The big news this morning is that Apple ($AAPL) has now split 7-for-1. The stock is currently at $92 per share. It’s currently the most valuable company in the world with a market […]

Stock Market New High and the Lindsay Forecast – The Market Oracle

Stock Market New High and the Lindsay ForecastStock-Markets / Cycles AnalysisMay 20, 2014 – 10:48 AM GMTBy: Ed_Carlson

Last week’s new high in the Dow puts the Lindsay forecast into flux. Long time readers know that the advance from the 2011 Sideways Movement was long ago recognized to be the fly in the ointment for forecasting […]

2 Stocks For The Ultimate Pairs Trade (MA,V) – Investopedia

Since the 1980s, one of the most well-known and heavily used strategies among hedge funds and portfolio managers has been pairs trading.#-ad_banner-#Classified as a market-neutral trading strategy, pairs trades attempt to do away with the unpredictable up and down moves of the overall market that often take individual stocks with them. Instead, those who employ a pairs trade aim to […]

FTSE Elliott Wave Technical Analysis by Lara – 31st March, 2014 …

Price continues to move higher, but the breakout is unconvincing. A new high above 6,865.86 would be required to provide confirmation of this trend change at intermediate degree.The target for upwards movement is now 7,345. Click on charts to enlarge.This main wave count expects that FTSE remains within a huge super cycle expanded flat correction. My alternate idea would be […]