Stock Market Crash Fractal – Deja Vu 2000 All Over Again :: The …

Stock Market Crash Fractal – Deja Vu 2000 All Over AgainStock-Markets / Financial CrashMar 21, 2014 – 06:15 PM GMTBy: Anthony_Cherniawski

The Crash Fractal is still alive and well in the Dow. Its peak was December 31. The peak in NDX was March 7. It is now reversing hard down, as anticipated.The peak in the Russell […]

Stock Market SPX Nearing a Sell Signal :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market SPX Nearing a Sell SignalStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Mar 19, 2014 – 10:08 AM GMTBy: Anthony_Cherniawski

SPX completed a 77.7% retracement of its initial decline in exactly 12.9 hours today. The A-B-C appears to be complete. Today’s experience is a “déjà vu all over again” of Putin’s first press conference. We know how […]

Stock Market SPX Pop-N-Drop Appears Likely :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market SPX Pop-N-Drop Appears LikelyStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Mar 11, 2014 – 02:59 PM GMTBy: Anthony_Cherniawski

After a flat overnight market, the SPX is bid higher in the Pre-market. It appears that a Minor C or Minute Wave [c] is in progress, with Waves 1-2-3-4 complete. My Model suggests resistance at 1880.63, so we could […]

Stock Market Rogue Rally Nearing Completion :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market Rogue Rally Nearing CompletionStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Feb 24, 2014 – 10:41 PM GMTBy: Anthony_Cherniawski

Would you believe that the really took 85 hours and 40 minutes from inception to today’s high at 12:20? The Wave (B) analysis still stands, since the Dow, The Russell 2000 and the Trannies have not made new highs, giving […]

Stock Market SPX Double Top :: The Market Oracle :: Financial …

Stock Market SPX Double Top Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Feb 22, 2014 – 03:21 PM GMTBy: Anthony_Cherniawski

This morning heavy gusts of wind (50-60 mph) came through and knocked out power, phones and internet. We were only restored around 2:30 and there was much to do while getting back online.SPX is set up for a potential gap […]

Stock market – The Seattle Times

Originally published February 14, 2014 at 6:44 AM | Page modified February 15, 2014 at 1:43 AM

NEW YORK — The stock market closed out its best week of the year on Friday as investors focused on company earnings and brushed off another weak economic report.Campbell Soup climbed after reporting earnings that beat the estimates of Wall Street analysts. […]

Stock Market Trigger Points and Sell Signals :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market Trigger Points and Sell SignalsStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Feb 12, 2014 – 03:51 PM GMTBy: Anthony_Cherniawski

The Pre-Market is flat this morning. The SPX made a perfect reversal pattern and now it needs the decline. The trigger point (make sure you are short) in SPX is the 50-day moving average at 1809.25. I normally […]

Putting Privacy First in Big Data Technologies | Re/code

As big data has evolved beyond buzzword status to become a substantive force that is helping business, government and individuals gain helpful insights, the issue of data privacy has moved to the forefront. While the quest for insight has rarely been stronger or more necessary, concern over protecting the privacy interests of individuals has given many parties pause.Looking at health […]

Thomson Reuters Taps Into Twitter For Big Data Sentiment Analysis …

Twitter bases the majority of its revenue on advertising in and around its main content river, but a new service from Thomson Reuters points to how it also continues to build up its position as a big-data provider to different vertical sectors. Thomson Reuters is now incorporating sentiment analysis gained from Twitter for its Eikon market analysis and trading platform. The […]

Stock market shaken by shutdown — but debt default would be …

Richard Drew / APTrader Frank O’Connell works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.The stock market is getting a little bumpy as the government shutdown wears on, but if Congress pushes a deadline on the federal debt limit in two weeks, you can buckle up for something much scarier — maybe even a replay of the […]