RealClearMarkets – Stock Market of the Living Dead: Traders Exit

bearrSome mornings it’s just best to stay in bed. This morning was one of them, as stocks continued their sickening swoon from the opening bell. For the majority of stocks, it’s like the “Night of the Living Dead” out there except that we’re still in the a.m. Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: Stock Market, Terry Ponick

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RealClearMarkets – Stock […]

Thinking small about big data? — Tech News and Analysis – Gigaom

Big data is really just data. So why do organizations continue to limit their potential by focusing on questions like “how do we store all of this data” and “what’s a different way to analyze this”?This is small thinking. And it’s dangerous. Focusing on the technology and new forms of data in isolated and abstract ways will ultimately limit the […]