The Stock Market is Topping! | Brad Gudgeon |

The Stock Market is Topping!By: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, May 16, 2015SharePrintEmailLast time I wrote, I expected to see new highs on the S&P 500. The week before, I submitted a cycle chart where an expected three week cycle top should occur on May 18th. We are within a hair’s breadth of the 2130 target I had for last week […]

Stock Market: Big Sell-Off Looming! | Brad Gudgeon |

Stock Market: Big Sell-Off Looming!By: Brad Gudgeon | Sat, May 2, 2015SharePrintEmailLast time I wrote, I was expecting the stock market to fill the gap left on the SPX near 2081-82 by Friday last week. That was accomplished on Thursday when the SPX fell to 2077. What I saw on my indicators showed more a lack of buying than true […]

US Stock Market Will Likely Drop 5% by Next Week! –

US Stock Market Will Likely Drop 5% by Next Week!By: Brad Gudgeon | Wed, Apr 15, 2015SharePrintEmailLast weekend, I expected the US stock market to drop suddenly from Monday into Tuesday. While I expected about close to a 2% drop, we got closer to a 1% drop instead (I give myself a C grade there). Out of this cycle low […]

who is in the Know?

Who is in the KnowfictionEdward w PritchardIt is humbling to contemplate how many folks have come before us and how few of them have left a mark that they were here.Author writes he is fascinated by unknown cave dweller who took time out to draw an outline of His or Her hand.Have we evolved past that statement?Author has been thinking […]

Stock Market 4-6% Pullback in S&P 500 Possible Soon :: The Market …

Stock Market 4-6% Pullback in S&P 500 Possible SoonStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014May 23, 2014 – 12:00 PM GMTBy: Submissions

Brad Gudgeon writes: The stock market appears to be on the verge of a 4-6% pullback. All the cycles, wave analysis, technical analysis, sentiment and pattern analysis I […]

Tools of the 'Trade' – How I Invest (2014 Edition) — MrSwing

The new year has arrived and with it comes another edition of Tools of the Trade. This is the fourth installment (see 2013, 2012, 2011).2013 was quite a year. We published the 2013 Broker Review in February (2014 due out this February). Then in May my 1st authored interactive book, The Interactive Guide to Technical Analysis, was published. Shortly […]

QE and the Stock Market – The "Taper" Is Here… This Is What You …

QE and the Stock Market – The “Taper” Is Here… This Is What You Need to Know

Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2013Dec 19, 2013 – 03:17 PM GMTBy: DailyWealth

Porter Stansberry writes: We knew it would happen eventually… so now what?Yesterday, I explained how the Federal Reserve’s quantitative-easing programs have transferred enormous wealth into the […]