Stock Market Report: Titans – Daily Norseman

The Vikings beat the Titans 19-3 in their 4th Preseason game, improving their Preseason record to an undefeated 4-0. Are things looking up for our Minnesota Vikings?So, hi.  CCNorseman here.  I’m filling in for Ted, while he’s yucking it up on vacation.  Rumor has it that he’s wearing jort jorts and flippy floppies ON A BOAT!  So, you’ll just have […]

Stock Market Report: Cardinals – Daily Norseman

So, the Vikings still have quarterback issues, but they all seem to be awesome. This is weird.Hi kids.  Sorry for the delay in  the SMR.  For one, I didn’t get the game broadcast live where I live, so I settled for recording it on the DVR at 1 this morning. Secondly, it was my wife’s birthday, and I asked her […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: Bengals. The 2013 Season Can Die In …

Well, on the bright side, we won’t have football interrupting us during the Holiday season.2013 is almost dead, and I couldn’t be happier about it. What little positivity the Vikings had going for them the last four weeks evaporated completely in an embarrassing display of the ‘footy’ (H/T Mrs. Fearless Leader for almost making me choke on my burger […]

Vikings Stock Market Report: Seahawks – Daily Norseman

You know, going into Sunday’s game against Seattle, I didn’t expect the Vikings to, you know, actually beat the Seahawks. I mean let’s face it. Seattle is the best team in the NFC, they were at home, and they had Percy Harvin returning. The Vikings don’t play well on the road, have found ways to self destruct […]