Stocks, Bonds and New FX Targets!

Dear Reader,I still expect US stock markets to fall 20% in 2015 from the current levels measured by the main indices. US tech stocks and biotech stocks are in a bubble and should fall more than 30% from the current levels. Eurozone stocks should fall 20% from the current levels.US treasuries should sell off in 2015. The 10 year yield […]

Stocks and Bonds!

Dear Reader,Gold broke briefly 1200 this week. Gold is about to target 1050 in 2015. EUR/USD should target 1.05 in 2015.US stocks should fall 20% measured by the main indices from the current levels. US Tech stocks, especially nonpublic venture capital backed, are in a bubble, along with biotech. Both should decline more than 30%.The disruption that the forecasted fall […]

Stock Markets, Oil, EUR/USD and Gold!

Dear Reader,US stock markets end January 2015 in minus. The correction should exceed 20%, tech and biotech stocks will fall more. EU stocks should finish 2015 in minus as well. Gold should fall with a target of 1050 USD. EUR/USD should touch 1.05 in 2015.Shale oil and gas plays in the US seem a good value play at these levels, […]