STTG Market Recap May 8, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

A “Goldilocks” jobs report from the government Friday helped lift markets – by goldilocks analysts have said this was a number that showed growth for the U.S. economy …but not enough to push the Fed to raise rates anytime soon. So the market got the best of both worlds. Futures leaped on the data and indexes stayed firm all day […]

Poverty Matters for Capitalists – Stock Market Impact :: The Market …

Poverty Matters for Capitalists – Stock Market ImpactStock-Markets / Financial Markets 2014Jul 10, 2014 – 07:01 AM GMTBy: John_MauldinHaving taken Thomas Piketty to the cleaners a few weeks back (see “Gave & Gave … and Hay”), Charles Gave now redresses the balance with regard to the issue of economic inequality in today’s Outside the Box. He makes a forceful case […]