Monday April 21, 2014, Today Stock Market | ShortTermStockTrading

NEW! Download all of 2013 Performance: Click to Download!OR Download all of 2014 Performance to Date: Click to Download!Dow opens +9 and our open trade goes from +5k to +8k.Market Open (click to enlarge)INSY (click to enlarge)ADUS (click to enlarge)SHLD (click to enlarge)2 hours in (click to enlarge)PRAN (click to enlarge)The Dow closes + 40  This is what we closed […]

Down 70%: Is Prana Biotechnology Ltd. a Buy?

[Other] – Shares of Prana were absolutely crushed today, after a phase 2 failure for its Alzheimer’s drug. moreView todays social media effects on PRANView the latest stocks trending across Twitter. Click to view dashboardSee who Prana is hiring next, click here to view […]