Obama tells Marc Maron he saved the stock market – Business Insider

Jay Yarow

Jun. 25, 2015, 1:45 PM

REUTERS/Jim YoungObama in 2009.President Barack Obama says he saved the American economy … and its stock market.Obama did a victory lap on comedian Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF, earlier this week, and he said people’s lives are better today than they were four years ago, which is ultimately the goal of any presidency. “I can answer unequivocally, ‘Are […]

Obama's 2nd Term Much Like 1st for Stock Market | Tom McClellan …

We are now in the second term of President Obama’s term in office. While the Presidential Cycle Pattern shows similarities among all presidential terms in the stock market’s behavior, it is poorly appreciated how the 2nd term is often different from the first in its character.The lead chart this week compares the current behavior of the SP500 to an average […]

beneath the radar of my new caseworker

beneath the radar of my new caseworkerfictionedward w pritchardMy caseworker for my health insurance never calls me. She never asks me about my health or how my trips to the heart doctor went or responds or interacts towards me in any way at all really. That is except for threatening and high handled letters about dropping my benefits and ceasing […]

AUD/USD Forex Technical Analysis – August 10, 2014 Forecast …

Get Forex buy/sell signals directly to your email and by SMS.To learn more click hereThe AUD/USD weakened to a two-month low on Friday after the Reserve Bank of Australia released its economic outlook. Although the RBA’s main concern is about the high dollar, traders decided to focus on rising geopolitical tensions that drove global investors from high-yielding assets and into […]

Why Big Data Won't Stay Private – Real Clear Politics

At the behest of the federal government, and despite laws and President Obama’s recent posturing against this, states have been busy creating data systems to track “their” citizens’ entire lives. Pennsylvania calls theirs—no joke—a “womb to workplace” data collection system. Read Full Article »

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Why Big Data Won't Stay Private – Real Clear Politics

Cri-me-a River! US Takes 90% of Ukraine, Russia Takes 10 …

The U.S. spent $5 billion dollars on overthrowing the Ukraine government and it succeeds. Crimea makes up about 10% of the land mass of Ukraine. So the U.S. government got 90% of Ukraine by overthrowing the elected government while Russia got just 10% of the land mass from free elections in Crimea, and the U.S. government has the audacity to […]

Obamacare Sentiment After “Between Two Ferns” | Twitter Trends …

SharePinterestFacebookEmailIn case you were paying too much attention to the crises in Ukraine or Venezuela, President Obama went on Zach Galifianakis’ internet show, “Between Two Ferns,” to push Obamacare.The president’s appearance on the show is part of a larger PR push that the Obama administration is conducting leading up to the March 31 open enrollment deadline. Reports from the White […]

Sentiment Surrounding Obamacare On Social Media | Twitter Trends

SharePinterestFacebookEmailOver the last month, Obamacare has taken many shots from its opposition. The CBO released a damaging report on how the law will affect employment over the coming years, and numerous stories detailing how the healthcare law has negatively impact Americans have continued to surface.Now, with President Obama’s approval numbers slipping, we looked at the recent perception on social media […]

Intel takes on big data with new Xeon E7 v2 chips – CNET

Neil Young just destroyed his funding goal for his Pono music player on Kickstarter, an expose on the development crew making new games for the SNES, Atari, Genesis, and Virtual Boy, and the huge traffic gains on following President Obama’s appearance on “Between Two Ferns” yesterday. morePodcast Justin Yu 1 hour ago

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Intel takes on big data with new […]

Corporate Big Data Gets Wrapped Up in Obama Speech … – Adweek

President Obama’s highly anticipated speech on government surveillance practices also took aim at commercial data practices, putting the data-driven marketing industry on notice.
“Corporations of all shapes and sizes track what you buy, store and analyze your data, and use it for commercial purposes,” Obama said. “That’s how those targeted ads pop up on your computer and your smartphone periodically,” he […]