Morgan Stanley's stock-market guru throws shade … – Business Insider

CNBCMorgan Stanley’s Adam Parker.Morgan Stanley chief US equity strategist Adam Parker does not want to acknowledge the permabears right now, even with stocks at all-time highs.Nor does Parker think these folks deserve credit when we finally get a stock-market correction.”We all know lots of people who have called 17 of the last zero corrections,” Parker wrote in a note to […]

One Nobel Prize-winning economist's calculations say the stock …

One Nobel Prize-winning economist’s calculations say the stock market is dangerously overvalued, and various Wall Street pundits disagree, but all that really matters is how soon gutter alarmist media like us can convince America’s least informed moron investors to panic. Then the fun starts.Bubble Watch: Joe Average Is Ready to Play the Market Bubble Watch: Joe Average Is Ready to […]

Don't Fret About Tobin's Q Crossing Wall Street

Don’t Fret About Tobin’s QBloomberg has a piece this morning on another valuation indictor, this time it’s Tobin’s Q, showing that the stock market is dramatically overvalued.
If you sold every share of every company in the U.S. and used the money to buy up all the factories, machines and inventory, you’d have some cash left over. That, in a nutshell, […]