Public Tech Companies Are Already Recovering From Brutal Stock …

Things didn’t look good this morning. When stock markets opened, Facebook was down 12.1 percent, Apple was down 10 percent, Google was down 6.5 percent, etc. But public tech companies are already recovering from this brutal drop, with Apple leading the way.As of this writing, Apple is back in the green, up 0.19 percent compared to Friday’s closing price to […]

Fear These Three Biotech Stocks: AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc …

They say good things come in threes. If so, biotech companies could be in for not just another year of outperformance, but another decade. The first era of biotech was a building phase, when companies created their first blockbuster drugs. The second, current one, has resulted in a four-year rally that reflects the sector’s transition from a cluster of one-hit […]

Biotech Stocks Buzz: Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ …

Investors have been flocking to biotech stocks this year, with the IBB, the ETF that tracks biotech stocks, making noteworthy gains. So far in 2015, several industries have either underperformed or provided mixed results, leading to a rather ho-hum showpiece for U.S. blue-chip indices.Biotech stocks, on the other hand, have consistently returned positive results in the markets over the past […]

Chovanec: China Destroyed Its Stock Market | naked capitalism

Yves here. We’ve stressed that, generally speaking, stock market crashes aren’t anywhere near as serious as bank runs or credit market seizures because stock market bubbles are generally the product of a serious excess of animal spirits, as opposed to leveraged speculation. That in turn is the result of most modern stock exchanges drawing on the US stock market as […]

#PreMarket Prep For The Week Of June 22: Talk With Equity …

Don’t miss the chance to talk to expert options, forex and equity traders on this week’s #PreMarket Prep!Be sure to tune in at 8:00 a.m. EST Monday-Friday here to interact with our veteran traders, market technicians and money managers that come on the show.Monday, June 22, 8:20 a.m.Paul La Monica (@LaMonicaBuzz), Digital Correspondent at CNNMoneyPaul La Monica writes daily about […]

This is yet another messy myth involving stock market indexing …

Indexing is the new stock picking.It is, by far, the most efficient way to obtain a low-cost and diversified portfolio. So it makes sense that index funds are gobbling up the financial markets. But that has some people concerned. What will happen when indexing gets so large that it becomes “the market”? Will prices become less efficient? Will the market […]

Top Alternative Investments To The Stock Market – Investopedia

Discussions about investing are seldom complete without the mention of stock markets—the gains, risks, and opportunities. Sure, stocks and linked products like mutual funds are a part of many investor portfolios, but not all. Many investors are wary of the stock markets for a number of reasons and are thus looking at other investment options. There are a wide variety […]

How to trade the riskiest stock out there –

On a weak day for the markets Wednesday, one of the year’s worst performers proved to be a bright spot.Lumber Liquidators was up more than 10 percent and traded 57,000 options contracts. That might not seem like a lot compared to the Apples and Facebooks of the world, but it is substantially more than its much larger home improvement store […]


KITE Flying High! KITE, JUNO, BLCM, BLUEShares of Kite Pharma, Inc. (KITE) popped nearly +16% today, afterthe company announced acquisition of a privately held Netherlands-based biotechnology company, T-Cell Factory B.V. This may not have been the only reason. Juno Therapeutics (JUNO) said today that it expects to have 10 product candidates in clinical development directed at six different cancer-associated antigens. […]

Watch List 23-02-15

All stocks are shorts once the momentum shiftsCRIS – Biotech, Market cap: 294M @ $3.4. S/O: 86M, Float:70M.Initially up on a PR from mid Jan regrading a collaboration with Augenics (who now owns 10% of CRIS). CRIS also has a $120M worth of warrants and stock offerings sitting on the shelf. This is also the 7th offering they’ve made. This […]