Greek debt crisis: protests as EC urges yes vote in referendum – as …

A closed bank in Athens this morning. Photograph: Thanassis Stavrakis/AP
Good morning.The Greek debt crisis is set to sent turmoil through Europe’s financial markets this morning, as the looming prospect of Greece plunging out of the eurozone sends panic through trading floors.Shares are set to tumble in London, Frankfurt, Paris and beyond, after a dramatic weekend which began with Alexis […]

Mainland 'not ready for through train' stock trading between Hong …

The “through-train” scheme to allow mutual stock trading between Hong Kong and Shanghai marks the mainland’s latest effort to open up its capital account, yet market watchers doubt whether the nation is ready for a safe opening.Economists argued that some preconditions to open the door – allowing Chinese to invest overseas and foreigners to invest onshore – has not been […]

A Workshop on Fundamental & Technical Analysis of Stocks was …

A Workshop on Fundamental & Technical Analysis of Stocks was concluded @ MITS
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“Bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs just get slaughtered!”Well, that’s how the Stock Market works. It is complex-giving you a feel of gamble when on the other hand it involves lot of calculations and speculation and the veil of […]