3 Biotech Stocks That Could Double in 2015

Few industries offer the promise and pitfalls of biotechnology. Clinical wins and losses can lead to extraordinary stock gains or falls that make the sector best suited for only the most risk-tolerant investor. However, for investors willing to take on that risk, our Motley Fool contributors believe these three biotech stocks could offer significant opportunities in the coming year.Brian Orelli […]

Twitter's Favorite Biotech and Pharma Stocks

Mark Schoenebaum, the biotech and pharmaceutical analyst at Evercore ISI, asked ;the Twittersphere for their favorite drug stocks going into next year.
What’s your favorite stock for 2015 in biotech or Pharma?
– Mark Schoenebaum (@MarkSchoenebaum) December 12, 2014What was the top pick? A 21-way tie for first place. All 21 companies got a single vote.I kid you not. As I’m writing […]

3 Traits of the Best Healthcare Stocks in 2014

Source: MercK & Co.,Just when it looked as though the stock market couldn’t possibly finish the year higher, after its swoon in October, it proved the naysayers wrong. As of this writing, the S&P 500 has risen by 11% for the year, a tad bit higher than the stock markets’ historic annual return.But if you think that’s a solid return, […]