Criminals are manipulating the stock market and regulators can't …

ShutterstockThe SEC has gone from tracking illicit traders from chat rooms to an international game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes the crooks keep one step ahead of regulators.See AlsoWatch Out For Twitter Stock Hoaxes, Which Are Getting Trickier By The DayHow To Effectively Regulate Mortgage LendingWhy Cash Incentives For Whistleblowers Are Actually UsefulOn May 14 a Bulgarian stock schemer is alleged to […]

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Chuwong case a wake-up call for transparency in stock trading – The …

The mystery gets deeper as a stockbroker is also involved in transfers. A stockbroker and her mum have told police they received separately more than Bt30 million worth of shares from Chuwong.The transaction happened four days before his death.Chuwong’s signatures in the stock-transfer transactions are a part of the police investigation into whether his death was an accident or a […]

Business live: Yanis Varoufakis defends secret plan B; Chinese …

Yanis Varoufakis has just released a statement defending his work creating a parallel payment system during his time as finance minister.The statement, from “the Office of Yanis Varoufakis”, insists that he was fully authorised to carry out the work.It also criticises the media for their “far-fetched” articles, and denies the claim that he ever planned to hijack all taxpayers tax […]

Greek debt crisis: Greece begins repaying ECB and IMF as banks …

The VAT rose from 13% to 23%, making some meats, cooking oils other than olive oil, cocoa, vinegar, salt, flowers, firewood, fertilizer, insecticides, sanitary towels and other basics all more expensive.Services hit by the new VAT increases include restaurants and cafes, funeral parlors, taxis, cramming and tutorial schools very popular with Greek students seeking to make up for the deficiencies […]

Citi: China's 'Wall Street Crash' means markets will fall further …

Flickr/IstolethetvChinese markets have fallen by around 30% in three weeks.China’s stock markets are in turmoil right now, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite collapsing 29% in just the last 3 weeks.The collapse closely mirrors the Wall Street Crash in the US in 1929 and the Chinese government has been desperately scrambling to try and stop the fall. The People’s Bank of China […]

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Some traders like to gamble on big news events that could have a dramatic effect on a particular stock. For example, the release of a company’s earnings report could cause an underlying stock to jump to new highs or drop to significant lows. While this may not interest all investors, it does prove to be a point of intrigue for […]

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What does the size of a country’s market tell you about a country’s economy and its standard of living?That’s a question frontier markets strategist Andrew Howell aimed to answer in Citi’s massive new report on global public assets.”Governments should encourage the growth of equity markets, because they tend to be associated with economic development,” Howell wrote. “Whether or not […]

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Stock Market Cycle Big PictureStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 12, 2015 – 03:36 PM GMTBy: Gary_TanashianIn the previous post Tom McClellan highlights Peter Eliades’ work on the cyclical top due in the S&P 500 this year. To add some color to it, here is the chart I produced for NFTRH subscribers several weeks ago after purchasing and reading an Eliades […]

Big Pharma Revealed As Puppetmaster Behind Fascist TPP Secrecy

Submitted by Tyler Durden: It is no secret that US healthcare corporations have been among, if not the biggest beneficiaries of Obamacare: by “socializing” costs and spreading the reimbursement pool over the entire population in the form of a tax, pharmaceutical companies have been able to boost medical product and service costs to unprecedented levels with the help of complicit […]