How to make a million – slowly by John Lee

Much as an academic doyen might conclude a famous lecture series by collecting the salient points into a book Lord Lee, the doyen of ISA investment, marks the end of his interesting and informative My Portfolio column in The Financial Times with the publication of this short book. It has much to recommend it.First, we must recognise the authority conferred […]

Don't miss this 'gem' in Europe's stock market, says Barclays …

LONDON (MarketWatch) — Were you too skeptical to follow the Europe bulls and pile into the region’s stock markets early in the year? But worried now it is too late to make stellar returns out of the once unloved region?The good news is that you can still comfortably take a seat on the European equity train, and let the European […]

Now Is The Right Time To Buy Rite Aid | Benzinga

On Wednesday afternoon, Rite Aid (NYSE: RAD) presented a nice swing-trading opportunity with an excellent set-up.
Consumer staples stocks pulled back a bit through June, offering good entry points to get into some up-trending stocks. RAD has followed suit, and looks like a no-brainer buy at current prices.
Since the beginning of 2013, RAD has gained a whole lot — 422.79 percent, […]

How big data is helping to prevent suicides – BetaNews

Big data isn’t just about finding more effective ways to market and advertise — it’s also about making the world a better place.One of the industries in which big data is having its greatest impact is health care. So many improvements are being made with better results in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the world. One area, however, that continues […]

Big data is a big opportunity, but current IT thinking needs to change

Hitachi Data Systems has just revealed the results of its “Information Innovation Index,” which is a study that aimed to measure how businesses are able to tap into and make good use of big data. And the short answer is that many feel they’re not making best use of the swathes of data they’re sat on.The study was conducted by […]

How to secure a great job in big data – BetaNews

How to secure a great job in big dataGet a grounding in basic statistics
In data analytics, everyone needs at least some formal training in statistical analysis. Degrees with some statistical component are highly valued, such as science or math, but that doesn’t mean it’s just scientists who are desirable in the big data space.
Anabel Gutierrez, lecturer of business […]

EU lawmakers back high-frequency trade curbs | Financial Post

High-frequency traders in the European Union are set to face some of the toughest rules in the world, as legislators backed rules that they said would curb volatility and make markets safer.The limits include standards meant to keep the price increment for securities from being too small, mandatory tests of trading algorithms and requirements that market makers provide liquidity for […]

how to trade penny stocks | Photo Gallery

Merchandising in shares is usually a extremely widespread method of investing andis all-around penny stock fortunes due to the fact the 12th century. You couldhave noticed investing in penny shares is filled with threat, notwithstandingInvesting in almost any firm normally is precariousbusiness enterprise, even so when you will be investing within the pennyindustry you need to make your self prehensileabout […]

IPM-ESSEM 2015 : IP&M Special Issue on Emotion and Sentiment …

[Apologies for multiple postings]
Special Issue on
Emotion and Sentiment in Social and Expressive Media
Although sentiment analysis and emotion detection have been trending topics since a while, not enough emphasis has been placed so far on social and expressive media. The latter, in particular, play a key role in applicative fields related to creativity, its expressions and […]

Trade of the Day: Long CLDX | Benzinga

After rough October and November months, Biotech (XBI) finished the year on a high note, back up towards yearly highs.
Thursday, one of its constituents looks like a great buy – Celldex Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CLDX). This Biotech stock has a strong technical set-up in daily and weekly time-frames, and has huge potential upside.
CLDX hasn’t been great since October, but through […]