More Negatives than Positives, but…

More Negatives than Positives, but…Posted by Joe Fahmy
on August 9th, 2015

Share on StockTwitsPart of my investment philosophy is to look at the positive and negative signs in the market and adjust my investment levels accordingly. It is important to keep an open mind when doing this. Don’t get too caught up in what “you think the market should be doing.” […]

Biotech Stocks Lose Momentum with Greece Crisis; Blockbuster Immunotherapy Deal

Biotech Stocks in Broad Sell-Off
The biotech sector is usually immune to macro events but today the crisis in Greece gave investors an excuse to take profits. Many biotech stocks and ETFs were down over 3% faring worse than the NASDAQ down 2.4%. The sector, as tracked by IBB, is still up 18.87% YTD after hitting a high of 383 on […]

Crash Course in How I Approach Markets…

Share on StockTwitsEmbedI am being asked by many new followers for a refresher crash course in how I look at markets…here goes:I believe you should invest in stocks, but if you are to take the time, aim to crush the averages.The best way for ME (not necessarily you) to do this has been trend investing and angel investing.Drawdowns are inevitable […]

The Rumbling and Tumbling Stock Market

The Rumbling and Tumbling Stock Market$SPY – Wasn’t it just last January and February that we were worried about stocks? What about October and the Ebola panic? Or mid-December? Yet, by the end of the year the market was up double digits. “Buy the dip” worked.
Here we are with folks shouting gloom and doom from the roof tops. The market […]

Stock Market Uncertainty Resolved With New High :: The Market …

Stock Market Uncertainty Resolved With New HighStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 25, 2014 – 07:22 PM GMTBy: Andre_GratianCurrent Position of the MarketSPX: Very Long-term trend – The very-long-term cycles are in their down phases, and if they make their lows when expected, there will be another steep decline into late 2014. However, the Fed policy of keeping interest rates low […]