Can Big Data be the next big economic indicator? | SiliconANGLE

A group of British researchers believe they can harness the power of Wikipedia and Google searches to predict whether the economy’s going to go up or down.The research comes just a few months after Google Search’s Big Data was dismissed as a predictive tool, following reports that Google Flu Trends was well off the mark when it came to guessing […]

Research Demonstrates that Google Predicts Stock Market Crashes …

A new research has come up with a method that automatically identifies the warning signs on search data on Google before subsequent stock market crashes.The research conducted by a team of researchers from Warwick Business School and Boston University shows that increases in searches for business and politics preceded falls in the stock market.Chester Curme, Research Fellow at Warwick Business […]

Dividend Investors Will Make Money Even If The Stock Market Closed

SummarySometimes, investors end up being too focused on short-term price fluctuations, while ignoring fundamentals.
The emotional investors tend to forget that stocks are not some lottery tickets or numbers blinking on a computer screen, but ownership pieces of real businesses.
Dividend investors know that dividend stocks represent ownership stakes in real businesses. As a long-term investor, your success is dependent on the […]

A Gigantic Stock Market Sell-Off Is No Reason To … – Business Insider

The stock market has its ups and downs. And the downs are certainly much more unnerving than the ups.Currently, European markets are getting slammed and U.S. futures are sharply lower.As of yesterday’s close, the S&P 500 is down by around 1% from its recent all-time high of 1,985.And if history’s any guide, the stock market could see much more red […]

Huge Big Data Poster and Reference – KDnuggets

A really Big poster “Do You Know Big Data” includes: What it is, Leading tools, What is a Data Scientist, What questions should we ask of databases, Visual techniques, Statistical algorithms, Privacy, and more. By Bob Gourley, June 2014.This poster was created by analysts at Altamira.If you are an analyst, enterprise architect, CIO, CTO, CISO, CFO or even […]

Intel bids to solve water shortages with Big Data | SiliconANGLE

Much of the conversation around Big Data is focused on big business and how it can be used to make money, but that’s not the only opportunity it presents. On the contrary, the real promise of Big Data is solving global problems and making the world a better place for us all to live.Intel is one company that’s hoping to […]

Nate Silver: “Buying Big Data to Solve Problems Is Oversold” | CFA …

Jason Voss, CFAAt the 67th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Seattle, Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight, delivered an important message to financial professionals about the appropriate uses and definite limitations of big data that was well worth its weight in gold.You would have to have been asleep for the last half-decade to not know that the business world, and consequently its […]

The next big thing in 'big data' jobs: Dataviz – Ask Annie -Fortune …

Short for data visualization, it’s the art (and science) of putting numbers into graphics that are easy to understand and use. Here’s how to get ready for it.FORTUNE — Dear Annie: I’m graduating at the end of this month with a major in marketing, and I’ll be starting a great new job as a marketing and brand-management trainee at a big […]

Is Housing Ringing the Stock Market's Bell Again? | Sy Harding …

It is said that they don’t ring a bell at stock market tops.However, the housing industry has sometimes been quite adept at doing just that. In fact, it has been quite prescient in leading the economy, and thus the stock market, in both directions.The most obvious tops followed the bursting of real estate bubbles, such as in 1989, which led […]