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Many investors are afraid of option trading due to the high risk.  There is no shortage of horror stories of traders getting wiped out when irresponsibly option trading.Options are like any other financial tool.  Using them responsibly can greatly enhance your returns.  Use options irresponsibly they can wipe you […]

RealClearMarkets – A Boring Stock Market Can Be a Risky One

dippoThe most common complaint about the stock market in recent weeks is how dull it’s been. Read Full Article ›› TAGGED: Michael Santoli, Stock MarketRECOMMENDED ARTICLESJune 10, 2014Confident Stock Market: Is This a Good Thing?John Kimelman, Barron’sJune 10, 20145 Reasons Why Stock Market Is Shining BrightAdam Shell, USA TodayJune 10, 2014Stocks Versus Bonds: One Market Could Get PoundedPatti Domm, […]

'Upstairs' and Off-Limits: Fastest Growing Area of Trading Is Unfair

For as long as stocks have been changing hands, it’s been clear that very large trades required special attention and handling. It’s one thing to simply buy 100 or 500 or even 5,000 shares of a stock, but it’s an entirely different thing to try and buy or sell a million shares or more.As a result block trading, or special […]