US Stock Market Getting Scarier by the Day :: The Market Oracle …

US Stock Market Getting Scarier by the DayStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Apr 17, 2015 – 05:37 PM GMTBy: Clive_MaundThe giant bearish Rising Wedge in the S&P500 index shown on its 8-year chart below is now closing up rapidly and looks set to force a breakdown soon. While an upside breakout is possible, it looks highly unlikely, for a variety of […]

Why Stock Market Bulls Should Hope Interest Rates Don't Rise …

Yesterday, I participated in a panel discussion on CNBC about the markets and the economy. It was during the course of that discussion that one of the participants uttered the most important phrase:”Everbody knows interest rates are going to rise.”
First, let me explain my reasoning for why it is possible that “everybody” is wrong. As I addressed last […]

Technical Analysis: Looking Beyond The Nasdaq Head – Minyanville

The Nasdaq-100 (INDEXNASDAQ:NDX) continues to build out a medium-term Head & Shoulders Top pattern that began developing during December 2013′s Santa Claus rally.  Aside from noting the dark irony of how that stupefyingly bullish phenomenon has been appropriated by a much larger bearish pattern, know from the start the H&S Top remains a potential pattern only, albeit with a clean […]

Sentiment Rises, Stocks Fall | timiacono.com

Right up until the chart below was prepared, it seemed the key point of this post was going to be that consumer sentiment is holding steady near some its best post-recession levels, but, in looking at the curve below it seems more important to ask what all the hubbub is about in the stock market that, according to some, is […]

ChinaEnv continue its Uptrend? – Singapore Stocks | How To Trade …

ChinaEnv currently trading at 0.60, this is one of the rising stock today. Mid term view following our Supertrend system, the price seems bullish despite of market uncertainty. For those to intent to trade this stocks, do watchout for the support level at 0.53 as your stoploss, if 0.53 is being violated then we might see risk of further downside.

See […]

Business Insider – SOCGEN: This Is It For The Stock Market

In its latest monthly report, Société Générale’s asset allocation team argues the U.S. stock market will be “at best flat over the coming few quarters, not forgetting risk of short-term correction.”The firm expects the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury note to rise to 3.9% in 2014 (from the current level of 2.75%) as the Fed winds down its quantitative […]

Will Rising Rates Kill the Stock Market?Pragmatic Capitalism …

By Lance Roberts, CEO, StreetTalk AdvisorsIf you have been watching television, or reading headlines much as of late, you are undoubtedly aware that interest rates have risen.  The current belief is that rising interest rates are a sign that the economy is improving as activity is pushing borrowing rates higher.  In turn, as investors, this bodes well for corporate profitability which […]