Capitalize on Comeback Stories in Micro-Cap Biotech: Joe Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners

The list of problems with investing in micro-cap biotech stocks begins with extreme volatility and lack of liquidity and ends with the inability to get validation from sophisticated investors who are unable to own such small companies.
Nevertheless, sift through the pile and investors can find gems. Joseph Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners recognizes the characteristics that make some of these […]

What's With All the Gimmicky Stock Market “Indicators”? | Pragmatic …

It’s silly time in the stock market calendar.  First there was the Santa Claus rally in December, then there is the incessant talk about the January Effect, then it’s the Super Bowl Indicator, then it will be “sell in May” and on and on.  I am sorry to sound harsh, but these indicators are less than useless. They are little […]

State Of The Union Lights Up Biotech

View photo.Biotech companies have been in the spotlight over the past few months with many investors considering the sector a goldmine for great investment opportunities. President Barack Obama in Tuesday’s State of the Union speech highlighted the need for more investment in medical research, a sign that biotech is set to continue as a hot spot in within the market.Precision […]

Stock Market News for August 26, 2014 – Zacks Investment Research

The S&P 500 closed at a record high and fellow benchmarks also ended in the green boosted by deal news. Possibility of stimulus measures in the Eurozone also lifted the benchmarks. The S&P crossed the 2000-point milestone for the first time, but failed to end above that mark. However, full day trading volume was the lowest this year.For a look […]