Biotech Stocks: Here's Where to Get In: Peregrine Pharmaceuticals …

Investors have been flocking to biotech stocks this year, with the IBB, the ETF that tracks biotech stocks, making noteworthy gains. So far in 2015, several industries have either underperformed or provided mixed results, leading to a rather ho-hum showpiece for U.S. blue-chip indices.Biotech stocks, on the other hand, have consistently returned positive results in the markets over the past […]

Momo No Mo’ – BofAML Warns Stocks "Close To A Tipping Point"

Momentum traders – relying on the ‘trend is your friend’ theme – may have a rude awakening soon as momentum stocks trade at a stunning 50% premium to the market (vs an average 20%). As BofAML notes, high growth, high multiple names that have been leading the market over the past year are showing some signs suggest we are close […]

Stock Market Crashed Yesterday with Huge Sell-Off of Media Stock …

Stock Market Crashed Yesterday with Huge Sell-Off of Media Stock: The Reality, Traditional Media is Dead!
— August 7, 2015With all due respect to Mark Twain, it appears that recent reports of traditional media’s death have in fact not been “greatly exaggerated.” If anything, they were understated. Yesterday, investors dumped their media stocks, confirming what we’ve known for some time: the […]

Nuclear Stock Market – All Things Nuclear

Fission Stories #191News such as last year’s closure of four nuclear power reactors, this year’s closure of another reactor, and Exelon’s claim that many of its reactors cannot break even absent even greater subsidies suggests that now might not be the best time to invest in nuclear technology. But it doesn’t mean that nuclear technology need not be considered when […]

Marc Faber on the stock market – Business Insider

Corey Stern

Jun. 4, 2015, 5:35 PM

Screengrab via YouTubeAnother Wall Street analyst is making comparisons to the Titanic.This time it’s editor and publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, Marc Faber.Faber warned that investors should stop bickering over which assets are the best, and start preparing their own escape plan. That is, if they don’t want the same fate as […]

Calafia Beach Pundit: What equity market bubble?

Ruchir Sharma argues in today’s WSJ (“The Federal Reserve Asset Bubble Machine”) that the Fed’s easy money policies have created dangerous asset market bubbles in “stocks … bonds, houses and every other financial asset.” In particular, he claims that his “composite valuation for the three major financial assets in America—stocks, bonds and houses—is currently well above levels reached during the […]

How to trade the riskiest stock out there –

On a weak day for the markets Wednesday, one of the year’s worst performers proved to be a bright spot.Lumber Liquidators was up more than 10 percent and traded 57,000 options contracts. That might not seem like a lot compared to the Apples and Facebooks of the world, but it is substantially more than its much larger home improvement store […]

Profit From The Next Major Stock Market Correction – ETF Daily News

George Leong:  The stock market continues to want to edge higher, but beware. I still sense there will be more downside moves that will provide a trading opportunity. At this juncture, I would be looking for sell-offs in the stock market and chaos.Just like what we saw in 2008 when the stock market and big banks crashed, when a stock market […]

Big Data: Making an Impact at the Post Office – SmartData Collective

It’s not new news that the USPS is going through an immensely difficult transitional period at this point in time. Stamp prices are continually on the rise, Saturday delivery was on the verge of being canceled, and office closures and layoffs are occurring around the country. Much of the difficulties come from an increasingly competitive marketplace that’s cutting into the […]

STTG Market Recap May 30, 2014 – Stock Trading To Go

Indexes fought off weakness mid day as the bulls remain in control; the S&P 500 added 0.18% while the NASDAQ fell 0.13%; both were well off their respective lows.   There was some negative data in terms of consumer spending but like a lot of bad economic data the past 5 years the market really is not in a mood to […]