The Canadian Technician: Upcoming Technical Analysis Events in … January Training Courses: Kick off the new year with a new outlook on the markets. SCU 101 January 17th, 2014 all day SCU 102 January 18th, 2014 all day session will be hosting 2 training courses in Vancouver on January 17 and 18th for those interested in learning how to use the technical charting website […]

Turning Big Data into Fast Data to Speed Brain Research A Smarter …

Mark Daley, Daley is Associate Professor & SHARCNET Research Chair at Western UniversityBy Mark DaleyThe tools and methodologies of “Big Data” provide us with new – necessarily automated – ways to boil down vast quantities of data into a form that is easier to digest. Critical tools include algorithms for dimensionality reduction, machine learning and large-scale visualization.Beyond Big Data, many […]