A Treasure Chest of “Secret” Buy Signals

“How many people know about this website, Paul?” asked our publisher, Joe Schriefer, asked me recently.“I can’t tell you the exact number, Joe, but I believe it’s a very small group of people. And some of them know about it only because of me.”“Wow,” he said, after I ran him through the buy signals it’s giving us, listed by date.“You […]

Founding Years Of 56 World Stock Markets – Business Insider

Morgan Stanley’s Jonathan Garner included the founding dates for some of the world’s stock markets in a recent note to clients.In case you didn’t, the stock market wasn’t born on Wall Street.Morgan Stanley

History Of World Stock Market Breaks – Business Insider

Turmoil on the Russia-Ukraine border has investors and traders running various scenarios, including worst-case scenarios.Not that anyone is saying this is likely today, but a shutdown of the Russian stock market isn’t unprecedented.”Russia’s first recorded stock market came into existence in 1810 but shut down in July 1914 at the start of World War I,” noted Morgan Stanley’s Jonathan Garner. […]

UPDATE: Secret World developer Funcom charged on suspicions of …

The Secret World developer Funcom has been reportedly taken off the Norweigan stock exchange, and has allegedly been visited by members of ‘Økokrim,’ the country’s financial investigation unit.

UPDATE: NewsWeb reports that Økokrim has charged Funcom over suspicions that it infringed provisions of the Securities Trading Act.
The charges relate to information released to the market regarding its MMO The Secret […]

Is there a “Secret Recipe” for Successful Stock Trading? | Stock Brain

“Secret Recipe” for Successful Stock Trading?Throughout the course of multiple studies one common trend has become glaringly apparent when searching for an indication for the potential for future performance of stocks….. hold your breath…. Valuation.  Simply put, over the course of time in an investment, cheaper stocks are tending to deliver better returns to the investor than the expensive ones.  Seems […]