What To Buy Based On The Biotech Pullback

By Jason Napodano, CFAThe IBB is down 16% from its highs. That’s probably not the bottom, but it does still represent a nice buying opportunity for long-term investors.
I look for stocks with at least 12 months cash, clean capital structures, credible management, near-term catalysts, and charismatic technology.In my article I highlight some names that I either currently own or am […]

United Therapeutics and GlycoMimetics

Going down the list of stocks in the IBB, my next stop was United Therapeutics (UTHR). I spent about a day doing research and wrote up my conclusions for Seeking Alpha:United Therapeutics Appears UndervaluedI concluded I did not want to buy UTHR at the present time. Buying it a year ago would have been smart, but then a lot of […]

Is Biotech Finally In A Bubble? | Seeking Alpha

Is Biotech Finally In A Bubble? | Seeking AlphaDoctoRx has written an outstanding article on the biotech sector. I agree 100% with the doctor that biotech stocks are worth a good portion of your portfolio. I own XBI, the small cap biotech ETF, and BIB, the 2x leveraged ETF for large cap biotech stocks. These two stocks have far outperformed […]

Stock Market Forecast For 2015 Based On A Predictive Algorithm …

SummaryFull review of market performance in 2014 for the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and S&P 500.
The best opportunities and weaknesses to be aware of coming into 2015.
What strategists and banks are forecasting for 2015 stock market.
2015 stock market forecast for the short, mid, and long term based on state of the art predictive algorithms.
How 2014 performed with accordance to 2013 predictionsDow […]

Horrendous Stock Performance Of RedChip Nation Healthcare And …

SummaryDoing due diligence on a small portion of the mosaic theory related to Inovio and other biotechs led me to doing a small initial study on RedChip.
While RedChip has Inovio listed prominently in multiple areas on its website and has recently Tweeted about it, Inovio is not a client and has never paid RedChip.
Biotech and healthcare stocks listed as RedChip […]

War Risk Considerations For U.S. Stock Market | Seeking Alpha

SummaryWar risk is one of three key fear areas today: war, bubbles or overvaluation, and economic slowdown or deflation.

Historical evidence from 1898 shows that US wars have not had an adverse impact on US stocks overall – avoiding stocks due to war has not […]

Stock Market Bubble? | Seeking Alpha

SummaryWe argue that the talk of a stock market bubble relies on too much focus from the depths of 2009 to today.
It is important to examine long time periods of over ten years.
When examining time periods of ten years or more, we find the US stock market has provided investors poor returns over the last ten years meaning no bubble.
Every […]

What Created $CYNK The Biggest Penny Stock Pump Of 2014 …




Major financial media is confused by CYNK’s extreme runup:Don’t be confused all you cute investor-types, just recognize that your rules/valuations don’t apply to penny stock pump and dumps and that it’s up to veterans like me who have far too much experience with these kinds of plays to inform people of what’s going on.See this video I just made on […]

Charles & Colvard: This $2 Stock Bargain Is Trading Below …

SummaryA sharp pullback due to a disappointing earnings report is a major buying opportunity. This stock was trading for double just a few weeks ago.

Investors should begin to realize that the weak results were a one-time event due to harsh winter weather and a […]