Wall Street Veterans Create The 'FarmVille' And 'Hay Day' Of Stock …

Harry Temkin and Stephen Kalayjian have spent years working in the financial sector, but it wasn’t until the two started working together that they realized they might have a future in game design.”Steve had always thought about doing a game,” Temkin told Benzinga. “But, being who we are, we never thought we’d actually do it. Then one day we came […]

Turmoil in China's Stock Markets Takes a Psychic Toll – The New …

PhotoInvestors following the ups and downs of the stock markets at a brokerage house in Beijing.Credit Gilles Sabrie for The New York TimesThe symptoms, medical experts say, appear suddenly and often linger for months: insomnia, irritability, depression and an obsession with tracking stock prices.Amid the recent turmoil in China’s stock markets, as values plummeted from all-time highs, doctors have reported […]

China's college students embrace stock trading, thanks to money …

While many of his peers get their sense of achievement from online video games, Li Shengyao, a 21-year-old sophomore at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, gets it from playing the stock market. He describes himself as a short-term trader who “can’t stop my fingers from making orders.”Li spends at least three hours every night dissecting day-trading activity and […]

Capitalize on Comeback Stories in Micro-Cap Biotech: Joe Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners

The list of problems with investing in micro-cap biotech stocks begins with extreme volatility and lack of liquidity and ends with the inability to get validation from sophisticated investors who are unable to own such small companies.
Nevertheless, sift through the pile and investors can find gems. Joseph Pantginis of ROTH Capital Partners recognizes the characteristics that make some of these […]

Discover a New Way of Thinking About Society and the Stock Market …

Discover a New Way of Thinking About Society and the Stock MarketStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 17, 2015 – 08:32 AM GMTBy: EWIEditor’s note: This video was excerpted from a new multimedia report, “The New Financial Theory that Could Make the Difference in Your Investing Success,” from Elliott Wave International, the world’s largest financial forecasting firm. Authored by Robert Prechter, […]

Stocks sold off on Thursday — except for the one sector people are calling a bubble (XBI, IBB, CNDO, FOLD, BBLT, BIIB)

PAUL TUDOR JONES: Income inequality will end in revolution, taxes, or war by : Thursday 06:14:19 CTCategories: markets, streamLegendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones II gave a dire warning about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the US during a sold out TED Talk in Canada this week.“Now here’s a macro forecast that’s easy […]

Cramer's biotech bonanza: A zone free from oil pain

Cramer: Celgene has phenomenal pipeline
Mad Money’s Jim Cramer highlights winning biotech names out of the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting.
As the market licks its wounds from the hideous decline in oil prices, Jim Cramer would like to remind investors that there is one leg of the industry that has no economic sensitivity whatsoever to the price of oil: biotechs. […]

New Internet Monitor Report: "Russia, Ukraine, and the West: Social …

New Internet Monitor Report: “Russia, Ukraine, and the West: Social Media Sentiment in the Euromaidan Protests”October 02, 2014Internet Monitor is delighted to announce the publication of “Russia, Ukraine, and the West: Social Media Sentiment in the Euromaidan Protests,” the fourth in a series of special reports that focus on key events and new developments in Internet controls and online activity.The […]

ArtsJournal – Science's Problem With Big Data

“As the rest of the society, from business and economics to journalism and art, wakes up to the power of big data, the world of research is, ironically, not doing nearly enough to embrace the power of information. A big-data mindset involves more than having a lot of petabytes on your hard drive, and science is falling short in three […]

Google Searches About Politics Predict the Stock Market – IEEE …

The number of Google searches related to business and politics can help predict falls in the stock market, researchers at the University of Warwick, in England, say.Scientists have recently begun investigating what people look for on Google and Wikipedia to help forecast the future. For instance, prior research has shown the rate at which people look up information about the […]