The Most Bullish Chart You'll See Has A Big Stock Market Crash

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More and more Wall Street strategists* argue we should think about stocks as being in the middle phase of a long-term, multiyear, secular bull market.”Our view, which we have held since the market bottomed in 2009, is that the current bull market is secular, not cyclical,” Charles Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders said. “Secular bull markets — like from 1949 […]

The Stock Market Is Not A Bubble – Business Insider

Wikimedia CommonsChewing gum from France’s Haribo factory.Is the stock market a bubble?
Liz Ann Sonders doesn’t think so.”The growing cries that we’ve reached sentiment or valuation extreme worthy of past tops, or a bubble at its bursting point, seems a bit premature,” wrote Sonders recently.While there are warning signs for the economy and the markets, most signs actually suggest that fears […]

Birinyi, Sonders, & Rukeyser Celebrate The "Magical Stock Market …

Surely this can’t go on forever“, asks a pensive Lou Rukeyser on New Year’s Ever 1999, to which a youthful Liz-Ann Sonders replies ever-exuberantly, “this is a magical environment for the stock market, for the year 2000, things look terrific.” The other guests in this wonderfully brief moment of deja vu from the peak of the previous bubble are just […]