Investors Are Jumping off the Biotech Bandwagon – Here’s What to Do Now

Wait– is that the sound of that famous biotech bubble finally popping?Can’t say, dude. But biotechs are definitely losing steam these days, and the worst could be yet to come. Today, I’ll show you exactly what to do about it…We took profits on our big biotech trade earlier this month, booking double-digit gains on Biotech iShares (NASDAQ:IBB). IBB thundered nearly […]

The 7 Biggest Lies You've Been Told About Penny Stock Trading …




When you’ve been around the penny stock trading block as long as I have, you get pretty sick and tired of hearing the same lies going around again and again.While I’m long past the point of falling victim to these schemes, what I hate is that they have the potential to discourage my trading challenge students from getting active with […]

14 Meaningless Stock Market Phrases | The Big Picture

Great list from Henry Blodget of Business Insider
14 Meaningless Phrases That Will Make You Sound Like A Stock-Market Wizard
“The easy money has been made.”“I’m cautiously optimistic.”“It’s a stockpicker’s market.”“It’s not a stock market. It’s a market of stocks.”“We’re constructive on the market.”“Stocks are down on ‘profit taking.’”“The trend is your friend.”“More buyers than sellers.”“There’s lots of cash on the sidelines.”“We’re […]

Think Tableau is successfully riding the Big Data wave? Tell us …

At the center of the data visualization market is Tableau Software, Inc., a company eager to simplify data consumption for the purpose of making it more accessible to everyday users. As Tableau gears up for its annual conference we look back at its notable developments in the past year, as well as expectations for the upcoming event. One big question […]

How long can you last in The Firm? Trade stocks and find out in this …

The Firm ($0.99) by Sunnyside Games is a frantic reflex game that will keep you coming back for more. If you enjoy simple to learn, difficult to master twitch games like dEXTRIS and Three Points, then The Firm is definitely one you should be adding to your collection.I have a lot of games on my iPhone, but the ones that […]

[1407.0374] Discovering New Sentiments from the Social Web – arXiv

Abstract: A persistent challenge in Complex Systems (CS) research is the phenomenological reconstruction of systems from raw data. In order to face the problem, the use of sound features to reason on the system from data processing is a key step. In the specific case of complex societal systems, sentiment analysis allows to mirror (part of) the affective dimension. However […]

Grand Banks, sound like bank stock? – Singapore Stocks | How To …

Sound like bank stock if you call it ‘Grand Banks’. One of the leading manufacturers of quality motor yachts, Grand Banks Yachts Limited (also “Grand Banks” or “GB”).
Grand Banks is a global brand known for its vast experience in manufacturing and selling luxury motor yachts. Headquartered in Singapore with manufacturing operations in Malaysia and marketing offices in Seattle, Grand […]

Gracenote's Rhythm Adds Filesharing Data and Social Media …

Gracenote continues to build its Rhythm platform for music streaming services with the addition of global fan data from Musicmetric. Earlier this year Gracenote announced a social media and trending data agreement with Next Big Sound for Rhythm. Now they’re adding filesharing data and social media sentiment via Musicmetric, who will also be considering other customized data options Rhythm.Gracenote Rhythm […]

Chat Bots and Big Data – Hyperallergic

OAKLAND, Calif. — With our data-driven lives, so much of what we do can be seen through the lens of algorithms. One algorithm can predict if your relationship will fail by using your Facebook data. Another can anticipate movie profits thanks to tweet patterns. There’s one for predicting red light runners based on the car’s rate of deceleration. Or even when […]