5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience with Big Data – Brian …

5 Steps to Improving the Customer Experience with Big Data

Guest post by Lisa Arthur, CMO of Teradata Applications and author of the new book Big Data Marketing (Wiley). Follow her on Twitter @LisaArthur.Technology advancements are making it easier for people to constantly, effortlessly and sometimes unknowingly generate massive amounts of data every second. Lurking in the sprawling data […]

Stock Market 2014 Party On! :: The Market Oracle :: Financial …

Stock Market 2014 Party On!

Stock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Dec 24, 2013 – 08:57 PM GMTBy: Puru_Saxena

BIG PICTURE – Interest rates are near historic lows, credit is cheap and the prominent central banks are not planning to pursue tough monetary policies anytime soon. Consequently, the stock markets of the developed world are rallying and […]

Open Big Data Computing with Julia | Intel Science & Technology …

By Jiahao Chen, MIT and the larger Julia communityWhilst the abstract question occupies your intellect, nature brings it in the concrete to be solved by your hands. — Ralph Waldo Emerson, Prospects, in Nature; Addresses and LecturesWhen I first learned about the Julia programming language at the beginning of 2012, I was skeptical about its ability to succeed. Writing a new programming language […]