18th February, 2014 – GOLD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis by Lara …

Price moved slightly higher to 2.28 above the previous target of 1,330, before turning downwards. Tuesday’s session has produced a clear red candlestick on the daily chart which is significant.This analysis is published about 02:35 p.m. EST.The wave count remains the same.Summary: I expect there has been a trend change at 1,332.28. Overall price should continue lower for about seven […]

SILVER Elliott Wave Technical Analysis by Lara – 12th February …

Last analysis expected Silver to continue upwards which is what has happened. The channel on the daily chart was clearly breached on 9th February providing final trend channel confirmation that Silver has turned upwards.Click on the charts below to enlarge.I expect that Silver is in an upwards trend which should last several weeks to a couple of months or so. […]

The Next Big Trade to Unwind | Justin Smyth | FINANCIAL SENSE

Markets tend to have no set rules that always work. Especially on shorter term time frames. But as you stretch the time frame out to the longer term general guidelines start to form for how markets behave. This includes concepts such as bear markets following bull markets, and bull markets following bear markets. Periods of overvaluation in stocks tend to […]

Morning technical analysis – 20 January 2014 | Alpari Newsroom …

Morning technical analysis – 20 January 2014January 20, 2014 by Craig Erlam in Technical analysisEURUSDLast weeks candle has only added to the negative outlook for the euro, having closed near its lows, barely rallied above its opening level and closed below the 20-week SMA for the first time since the start of July last year. The daily chart is looking […]

Mediaset Approaches Three-Year High on Italy's Stock Exchange …

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Morning technical analysis – 7 January 2014 | Alpari Newsroom …

Morning technical analysis – 7 January 2014January 7, 2014 by Craig Erlam in Technical analysisEURUSDThe euro is trading lower against the dollar this morning after failing to close back above the neckline of the double top yesterday. This failure to close back above could be seen as confirmation of the initial break below the neckline, prompting a move back towards […]

Daily Technical Analysis – 13 December 2013 | Alpari Newsroom …

Daily Technical Analysis – 13 December 2013December 13, 2013 by Craig Erlam in Technical analysisEURUSDThe consolidation in this pair over the last couple of days, which previously looked like a triangle – a continuation pattern – has now become a descending triangle. This is typically a bearish pattern, regardless of whether it appears in an uptrend or a downtrend, so […]

CVE-2013-3346/5065 Technical Analysis | FireEye Blog

In our last post, we warned of a new Windows local privilege escalation vulnerability being used in the wild. We noted that the Windows bug (CVE-2013-5065) was exploited in conjunction with a patched Adobe Reader bug (CVE-2013-3346) to evade the Reader sandbox. CVE-2013-3346 was exploited to execute the attacker’s code in the sandbox-restricted Reader process, where CVE-2013-5065 was exploited to […]

28th November, 2013 – GOLD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis …

Yesterday’s analysis expected more upwards movement from Gold. Price has moved higher, but it is not a convincing third wave… yet.I have the same main wave count with now two alternates at the daily chart level. The first alternate may be used if confirmed with movement below 1,225.40. The second alternate expects the same movement as the main wave count.*Edit: […]