CNN: Stock Trading was HALTED 1,200 TIMES TODAY! Five-Minute …

CNN: Stock Trading was HALTED 1,200 TIMES TODAY! Five-Minute HALTS due to massive SELL orders!

In a utterly stunning admission, CNN is reporting that stock trading was actually halted 1,200 times today!They took a look at the emergency, 5-minute HALTS that exist and found that those were triggered 1,200 times today alone. . . . and that many of the orders […]

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc (AQXP): How This Biotech Stock …

David Zeiler:  For biotech stock investors, what happened to Aquanox Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AQXP) over the past week looked like the ultimate fantasy come true.After reporting positive results from a mid-stage test for its bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis drug AQX-1125 on Aug. 7, Aquanox stock took off like a rocket.Have you ever wondered how billionaires continue to get RICHER, while the rest of the world is struggling?“I study […]

Stocks Suffer Worst Week Of Year Amid Biotech Bloodbath, Commodity Carnage And Bond Buying

But “everything was awesome”?
Russell 2000 -3.1% – worst week since Oct 2014 (Bullard)
Dow -2.8% – worst week since Dec 2014
S&P -2.1% – worst week since Jan 2015
Trannies -2.8% – worst week since Mar 2015
Nasdaq -2.2% – worst week since Mar 2015
Who is to blame for all this?
Leaving The Dow comfortably red year-to-date…
This is notable; VIX was pressed notably lower into […]

Stocks are frighteningly expensive! – Business Insider

Getty Images/Mohd RasfanAs regular readers know, for the past ~21 months I have been worrying out loud about US stock prices. Specifically, I have suggested that a decline of 30% to 50% would not be a surprise.I haven’t predicted a crash. But I have said clearly that I think stocks will deliver returns that are way below average for the next […]

Deflationary Boom 2.0, Commodity Index Crashes To 13 Year Lows

The Bloomberg Commodity Index tumbled once again today, hitting its lowest level since 2002. Stocks did not. We have seen this kind of ‘deflationary’ boom before and it did not end well…*)As BofAML somewhat mockingly reflected; It’s a deflationary boom. Nasdaq hits all-time high today; CRB breaking down to 2002 lows. Wall St narrative flips from crash to boom/bubble as […]

Yes! It is a Stock and Bond Bubble!

7-1-15Secular Market Top – Since January 2000+53.3% Dow+171.8% Transports+94.2% Utilities+40.4% S&P 500+22.5% Nasdaq+52.2% 30yr Treasury Bond+304.6% Gold+132.3% OilFrom High to Low+304.6% Gold+171.8% Transports+132.3% Oil+94.2% Utilities+53.3% Dow Jones+52.2% 30 Year Treasury+40.4% S&P 500+22.5% NasdaqIt is easily seen that in the year 2000 the Nasdaq was horribly overvalued and gold was on the give away table, such lopsided returns 15 years later!Here […]

Biotech stock bubble set for massive implosion: Stocks rose 88% AFTER Fed chair admitted they were overvalued

Biotech stock bubble set for massive implosion: Stocks rose 88% AFTER Fed chair admitted they were overvaluedWednesday, July 8, 2015
By Paul Martinby: J. D. HeyesNaturalNews.comWednesday, July 08, 2015If you’re trying to understand today’s stock market and are having some degree of difficulty, you’re not alone.The markets are confusing enough sometimes for experts, so they can be particularly baffling for laypersons. […]

European Stocks, Chinese Stocks And Commodities Are All …

European Stocks, Chinese Stocks And Commodities Are All Crashing – Are U.S. Stocks Next?
By Michael Snyder, on July 7th, 2015A global stock market crash has begun.  European stocks are crashing, Chinese stocks are crashing, and commodities are crashing.  And guess what?  All of those things happened before U.S. stocks crashed in the fall of 2008 too.  In so many […]

How to Survive a Screwball Market

If you don’t want to lose your shirt this month, you have to buy the strongest trends on the market. Period.So today is your final installment of this week’s post-Greece craziness “search for strength” coverage.I showed you yesterday how health care and biotech stocks are the strongest and safest     names on the market right now. And today I’m showing you […]

What Did the Stock Market Do Today? Get DJIA, S&P 500, Nasdaq …

For July 1, 2015, here’s what the stock market did today, the top stock market news, and stocks to watch based on today’s market moves…What Did the Stock Market Do Today:Dow Jones: 17,757.91; +138.40; +0.79%S&P 500: 2,077.42; +14.31; +0.69%Nasdaq: 5,013.12; +26.26; +0.53%The DJIA today gained 138 points as Greece suddenly signaled that the nation could accept bailout terms to address its crippling […]