Robinhood stock trading app now available on Android – Android …

Ida TorresOne of the things that stops people from investing in stocks (aside from the lack of interest or understanding) is the fact that aside from the money you put in, the stock trading fees can sometimes be astronomical. One app that removes that barrier and has been available on iOS since last year is now finally on Android. Robinhood […]

Robin hood hits the Play Store, aims to simplify stock trading …

Robinhood, once exclusive to iOS, is now available on Android as a free download! The application aims to provide a new way to buy and sell stocks by lowering aggravating fees that come with stock trading.Robinhood for Android offers free stock trading. That’s right–no more paying the piper that dastardly $10 transaction fee to buy or sell a stock! Keep […]

Robinhood Free Stock Market Trading App Comes To Android

Using the stock market isn’t free. Well, obviously. You’re buying and selling stock, after all. But on top of that, brokerage firms tend to charge fees to manage financial transactions. The Robinhood app lets you get around that fee, and now it has made its way over from iOS to Android.Robinhood lets you access market data and quotes in real-time. […]

Ditch These 3 Terrible IPOs

Hey, wanna lose some money? Then go chasing after the next hot IPO.We’ve seen it time and time again. Everyone gets sucked in by the media hype surrounding the next big IPO. Then the stock fizzles once the hype machine breaks down. And the gullible suckers who bought are left holding the bag. The stock might come back after it […]

Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event July 2014 | The Brown Report …

Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event.Join stock trader and coach Jason Brown as he breaks down the art of chart reading and how to profit with options at the Microsoft Store inside of Somerset Mall in Troy, MI. Wednesday July 23, 2014 from 7pm – 9pmCategory:YouTube Video Analysis


Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event July 2014 | The Brown Report …

Metro Detroit Stock Trading Event | The Brown Report – Stock Report

Are you interested in learning how to trade in the stock and options market? Already a successful trader but looking to network with other traders?  Then I want to meet you Tuesday, June 17, 2014 from 7pm – 9pm at the Metro Detroit Stock trader’s event happening at the Microsoft Store in Somerset Mall, Troy, MI.
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Metro Detroit […]

S-Store: Real-Time Analytics Meets Transaction Processing | Intel …

By Nesime Tatbul, Intel Labs and MITManaging high-speed data streams generated in real time is an integral part of today’s big data applications. In a wide range of domains from social media to financial trading, there is a growing need to seamlessly support incremental processing as new data is generated. At the same time, the system must ingest some or […]