Upcoming Gigaom event: the big data roundup — Tech News and …

In leading up to Structure Data, we’ve written some fabulous content about our speakers and the topic of big data. Here’s a roundup of the highlights.(Structure Data kicks off this Wednesday in New York. Snag your ticket here.)Structure Data themes and featuresBanking startup LendUp shows why design is king as big data gets personal
How new tech can help lawyers rethink […]

Upcoming Gigaom event: three innovators who are shifting the big …

Our Structure Data speakers are building the infrastructure that will run the applications of the next decade, establishing partnerships that will change the face of how big data is interpreted and utilized, and they are foreseeing trends that most of us read about. From startup to enterprise, these trailblazers are worth taking note of. Here are three you shouldn’t miss […]

Upcoming Gigaom Event: 3 firsts for our upcoming big data conference

This year’s Gigaom Structure Data conference is bringing more case studies and end users to the stage than ever before. The focus has shifted from defining big data to discovering how big data can help make better products and bigger profits. That’s why this year’s speakers include Ford, McLaren, Watson Solutions, the FTC, MetLife, GUESS, Google Ideas and more. We hope […]

Big data isn't just pretty pictures at Structure Data 2014 — Tech …

As the internet of things takes off, companies like Ford, MetLife and McLaren are using big data to transform the way consumers interact with their products and the way products interact with consumers. Our Structure Data speakers show how big data permeates a wide array of businesses.Big data is a lot more than great graphics.In his first post about the […]