Jim Grant: The Fed Turned the Stock Market Into a 'Hall of Mirrors …

Jim Grant: The Fed Turned the Stock Market Into a ‘Hall of Mirrors’
The editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer on the recent turmoil.
Matt Welch & Jim Epstein | August 26, 2015




“Confoundingly to me, people have come to be quite accepting of the value attached by fiat to these pieces of paper we call currency,” says Jim Grant, who’s the editor […]

Bad Day at the Stock Market, Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz, Dr. Dre Is …

Bad Day at the Stock Market, Ellen Page vs. Ted Cruz, Dr. Dre Is Sorry: P.M. Links
Robby Soave|Aug. 21, 2015 4:30 pm


ABC News screenshotThe Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 500 points on Friday.
Actress Ellen Page, who came out as gay last year, ambushed Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair. They argued about gay issues.
Dr. Dre issued an apology for […]

Language Log » The stock market warrior-desperado's last-ditch fight

« previous post | next post »Chǎogǔ 炒股 (lit., “stir-fry stock”) means playing with stocks and bonds (stock market speculation). This is probably THE hottest term in the PRC vocabulary today. The term itself is not in the following widely circulating cartoon, but the spirit of the term is very much present:Complete translation:rén zài zhèndì zài 人在阵地在 (lit., “people [rén […]

Greece STOCK MARKET May Not Open Monday, Greek Officials Warn

Despite all the talk of “containment” and “Greece doesn’t matter,” not only are we told by anonymous EU officials that some banks may not open Monday but now, a Greek SEC Official has warned…*GREEK BOURSE MAY NOT TRADE MON IF NO ELA EXTENDED: SEC OFFICIAL
Greeks just got CYNK’d (or Hanergy’d).As a reminder, here is the exuberance in Greek stocks from […]

June 25 Market Close: GovCon Index Down, US Stocks Stutter on Biotech Losses

June 25 Market Close: GovCon Index Down, US Stocks Stutter on Biotech LossesRoss Wilkers June 25, 2015 Financial Report, News 0 ViewsThe GovCon Index closed in negative territory for the third consecutive day Thursday with a loss of 0.264 points to end at 76.030.Losses in the transportation and biotechnology sector sent U.S. stocks slightly down Thursday and many investors attributed […]

S&P500 may break below 100 dma, Building Wealth, Investing …

Episode 122:  The DOW has broken below its 50 dma and the S&P500 is hovering just barely above its.More importantly, the S&P500 is only 0.5% above its 100 dma.   If it breaks the 100 dma and doesn’t quickly recover, that’s a huge red flag because the 100 dma has been an extremely dependable support level.That being said, this is an […]

Buy Undervalued Stocks

Buy Undervalued Stocksby Jim Walker on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 | Comments Off on Buy Undervalued StocksThe stock market is overvalued and probably ready for a correction but there are still opportunities to buy undervalued stocks. An insightful article in InvestorsPlace suggests that IBM, Chevron and the shipping container company, Textaniner Group Holdings, are all undervalued stocks and set to […]

China's stock market tops $10 trillion in value | Asia Times

MSCI? We don’t need no friggin MSCI.
The decision by MSCI, the giant indexing company, to not include Chinese mainland A-shares in its emerging-market benchmark last Tuesday had little effect on the market. Neither did the huge outflows by foreign investors.
The Shanghai Composite Index climbed 2.9% last week to its highest level since January 2008.  It also pushed the Chinese stock […]

Healthcare Highlights From Thursday 5/14 Game Plan

Healthcare Highlights From Thursday 5/14 Game PlanEach week at ChartSmarter we like to bring to a little insight into what we do on a daily basis. We have been at it for 5 years and we love doing it. Each night we detail 7 to 8 of our favorite ideas, both long and short, for the next days session. We […]

Biotech Stocks to Buy: Up to 98.35% Return in 3 Months – I Know First

Biotech Stocks to BuyThis Biotech Stocks forecast is designed for investors and analysts who need predictions of the best performing stocks for the whole Biotechnology Industry (See Industry Package). It includes 20 stocks with bullish and bearish signals and indicates the best biotech stocks to buy:Top 10 biotech stocks for the long position
Top 10 biotech stocks for the short position
Package Name: […]