The Stock Market Is Disappearing In One Giant Leveraged Buyout …

Submitted by Daniel Drew of Dark BidThe Stock Market Is Disappearing In One Giant Leveraged BuyoutIt’s easy to find critics and doomsayers who predict that the next stock market crash is just around the corner. They could be right, but another possibility is that the stock market itself will disappear entirely.Anyone who is familiar with mergers and acquisitions knows what […]

Stocks sold off on Thursday — except for the one sector people are calling a bubble

View photo.(Bloomberg)The iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF over 12 monthsStocks sold off on Thursday after a post-Fed rally on Wednesday.
But the Nasdaq still gained ground thanks to the biotech sector which gained about 2% on Thursday. In fact, biotech stocks have been on fire all year. They’re up about 15% year-to-date.Last month, Max Nisen at Quartz wrote that while everyone is focusing […]